Camp Jupiter

Comment if you'd like to write the POV of someone. You can create them anyway you like, but I ask that you don't change the facts that other people made the chapter before you. Oh yeah, they are NOT claimed yet and they must NOT yet know they have Roman blood. Four people max. First come first served.

Chapter 2

The Party Fight

Loud music was playing in the background,popular kids were bugging me,but I wasn't paying attention to them,my mind was on other things like fighting this one popular kid Brock,I apparently stole his girlfriend by talking to her,he was invited to this party and I just hope he doesn't show up,"OMG its Brock"a girl shouted from down the hallway,I ducked under the table and ran to the bathroom were I saw this old man sitting there.

"Hey are you Sicily's dad?"I asked him,Sicily was the girl who was hosting the party,"No,I am a spirit that came to tell you not to be afraid of your opponent you enhance a great power!"he exclaimed,"Nonsense"I muttered as I left the bathroom."Hey chump"it was Brock,he held me by my blonde hair and pushed me into the window,I fell right into a puddle of mud,"I don't wanna fight"I said running into the road beside the house,there were no cars at the time,he ran after with his fists clenched tightly,he swung,I duck,he kicked I jump,then I felt an urge to jump as a car came my way,I landed on it "woo whoo!"I shouted as I jumped of the hood of the car and punching Brock in the face then finally someone handed me a baseball bat which I used for finishing him off and injuring him "what the heck am I doing,I'm not even trying to hurt him"I stopped myself and walked back and started to run back home,"Lukas dinner time"my mom said to me as I entered through the front door,I sat down at the table thinking about what happened,I have never learnt kung-fu in my life and can someone explain to me why I can time a jump on a car?my mom has a lot of explaining to do when I ask her.

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