Camp Jupiter

Comment if you'd like to write the POV of someone. You can create them anyway you like, but I ask that you don't change the facts that other people made the chapter before you. Oh yeah, they are NOT claimed yet and they must NOT yet know they have Roman blood. Four people max. First come first served.

Chapter 3

Mean Girls.

I peeked through the crack in the stall door. The bell had rung 15 minutes ago, but I didn't want to take any chances. I pulled my hat on over my home-cut blond hair, hefted my bag onto my shoulder, took a deep breath, and then left the bathroom stall.

I looked around. Nobody in sight. I went to go open the door, but suddenly, it opened on its own, letting in Regina, Janis, and Karen. They started laughing as soon as they saw me.

I backed up as far as I could, but Regina just rolled her eyes. "Does Dakota really think that can stop us, girls?"

Janis and Karen just laughed like she said something hilarious.

"Leave me alone." I said as forcefully as I could. Which wasn't very much.

Regina laughed, but I saw her eyes flash. "You tried to take Connor away from me." She sneered. "Like you're even good enough for him."

I threw my hands in the air. "What the hell is wrong with you? He asked me for a dammn pencil! I didn't even talk to him!"

Regina lunged at me. I dodged to the left, grabbed a mop, and held it between me and Regina. Getting the crap beaten out of me by a boy-crazed girl was not what I'd had on my agenda for the last day of school.

"You don't want to do this." I said firmly. "You need to leave now."

I expected Regina and her friends to burst out laughing. In fact, that's what I was counting on so that I could dodge out of the bathroom while they were distracted.

But instead, Regina nodded. "Okay. We'll leave you alone now."

I blinked. "What the-" I stopped myself. So what if it's wierd? It's working!

"Yes, you need to leave right now." Regina, Janis, and Karin nodded almost dreamily, picked up their things, and left.

My eyes still wide, I dropped the mop, grabbed my bag, and left the bathroom as quickly as I could. I left the school and walked the short distance down the road to the small bungalow by the beach that I'd lived in all my life with Dad.

What the hell did I just do? I wondered as I walked. Have I gone crazy? Maybe Dad will help me.

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