Camp Jupiter

Comment if you'd like to write the POV of someone. You can create them anyway you like, but I ask that you don't change the facts that other people made the chapter before you. Oh yeah, they are NOT claimed yet and they must NOT yet know they have Roman blood. Four people max. First come first served.

Chapter 4


People think that the first day of school is the worst.
Well, i think the second day of school is worse than the first day.
The funny thing was, my second day at school had been fine until the incident in the toilet.

My name is Kieran Higgs and I recently turned 15 last Tuesday.
I was ADHD and i'd been kicked out of school several times, that was why this year, my mom had me sent to some wacked-up high school in San Franscisco.

Most days, school would be bearable enough for me to get by without blowing something up or roasting my teacher's moustache with a bag of crisps and a whiteboard marker (long story).

When the bell rang, I grabbed my bag, ready to head home as quickly as possible to get on one of my fav MMORPGs.

I took a detour into the toilet and when i made a move to leave, i found my exit blocked by Chester, the school bully.

Chester had been out for me since yesterday when i dumped garbage all over him (another long story).

I didnt bother to make an attempt to fight, i mean, this happens all the time in cheesy school movies. Some new kid gets on a bully's wrong side and somehow magically beats him to a pulp. Then he is discovered to have great powers and is shipped away to a great adventure!

Oh wait, this is the real world. Reality, right right. So i guess I wont be shipped off to Hogwarts in a while.

"Chester, i dont want to start anything." I said dryly and took out a crisp 20 dollar bill.
"Just take this money and leave. I'm honestly too tired for a fight."

Chester grinned.
"Thanks Higgs," he said while pocketing the cash. Then when i was caught off guard, he delivered a swift right-hook to my jaw and i fell back, dazed and winded.
I rolled out of the way and got up as fast as i can.
But Chester tackled me onto the wall.

"Geroff dude! srsly not cool!" I yelled.
Everything went red and sparkly and i assumed it was just from the punch Chester had delivered and from my own rage.

What was that?

As the red subsided, I felt Chester let me go.
I dropped to the ground, coughing weakly as Chester began to run around the toilet on all fours, barking like a dog.

"What the hell, man?" i asked, scooching away from Chester, who was starting to do the cha cha.
I ran from the toilet, unaware that from behind a wall somewhere, I was being watched closely.

"The time will come, Kieran," the man said with a snarl. "When you will meet me...or should i"

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