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Chapter 1

Kelsey, or AmazingDanisnotonfire

Name: Kelsey
Age: 13, almost 14
Relationship status: Siiingle ;(
Twitter: @KelseyMabery
Tumblr: danosaurforeva.tumblr.com
Best Friends: Mariah, Kenzie, Katherine, Nathan, Leah, Reagan, Leah, Morgan, Kelsey, and Sarah :) I love ya'll <3

Color(s): Hot pink and lime green
Drink(s): Mountain Dew
Food(s): Mac'n'cheese
Band(s): One Direction, Maroon 5, and Panic! At the Disco
Female Singer(s): Avril Lavigne, Lea Michele, Taylor Swift, Diana Agron, Ke$ha, P!nk, Cher Lloyd
Male Singer(s): Cory Monteith, Adam Levine, Joey Graceffa, Michael Jackson
Actor(s): Matt Smith, David Tennant, Cory Monteith, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Actress(s): Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michele, Diana Agron, Amber Riley
Movie(s): Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
TV Show(s): Adventure Time, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Doctor Who, Glee
Song(s): Gangnam Style- Psy, Live While We're Young- One Direction, Northern Downpour- Panic! At the Disco

Hug: My mom.
Kiss: Uhhh.... I haven't had my first kiss yet...?
Time I cried: Honestly? A few hours ago.
Text: No idea XD\
Purchase: Two Doctor Who pins from Hot Topic
Song I listened to: Forever Yours- Alex Day
Wish: For my crush to like me back... :'c
Person I talked to: Katherine and Kenzie
Video I watched on Youtube: A Static Lullaby (Toxic Cover) by AmazingPhil

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