Best Friends Until...?

Best Friends Until...?

This is a story about 3 friends called Holly, Chloe and Megan. They have been best friends for years until a mysterious event happened before their prom night but most importantly their birthdays. They are like 16 -18 years old in this. They act like sisters. This is dedicated to my best friends chloe, (hkforever), and Holly from my school.


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Pic of Chloe's Car: BMW Gina)

by: Meganx
(My Pov-Megan)
On Friday the 15th of June, Me and Holly were on our way to Chloe's house.
"So Holly, I hear that the prom night is on our birthdays, Are you excited?" I said nearly screaming.
"I am totes excited how about you?" Holly replied. But before I could answer we reached Chloe's house. Chloe opened the door, ran over to us and hugged us tightly. We jumped up and down screaming.
"Are you ready to go and get our prom dresses?"Chloe asked.
"OBVIOUSLY HAHA!" Me and Holly said in unison.

We jumped in Chloe's car and drove to mall. As we entered the mall, we ran to Celebrations, (The dress shop).Chloe picked out a purple, knee-length dress. Holly picked out a black floor-length ball gown and I picked out a Red floor-length elegant dress. When we were walking out of the shop 3 guys ran into us, knocking us to the ground.
"Hey watch where your..." But before I could finish I looked up to see Joe Jonas, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson standing in front of us.
"We are really sorry can we make it up to you by buying you lunch?" Louis said.
"Don't worry it was our fault we weren't watching where we were going; let us buy you lunch please," Holly says staring at Liam.
"No, No the gentlemen always buys dinner for pretty ladies" Joe replied winking at me.
"Fine," we sighed in unison while rolling our eyes. Joe started to laugh then all the others joined in, we all blushed. We walked to KFC and ate our lunches. Me and Joe got to know each other a lot, i guess that Holly, Chloe, Louis and Liam got to know each other a lot too as they were laughing all the time and blushing.
"Megan...Can i talk to you for a minute please?" Joe said nervously.
"Sure hold on a minute," I said but when i turned around my friends had disappeared, they must have gone with Liam and Louis. I turned back round and walked over to the bench where Joe was sitting.
"So...whats up Joe? i asked.
"Megan i know we have only known eachother for a few hours but I would like to know if y-you w-would like to be m-my girl-f-friend?" he replied looking down worrying about my expression.
"Of Course i would Joe!" I yelled. He looked up at me and a huge smile spread across his face. He picked me and spun me around in a circle. As he put me down his lips were less than 2 inches away from my face, he leaned in closer and his lips brushed against mine. He kissed me with more passion and after a few seconds on shock, i kissed him back. We kissed until someone from behind cleared their throat. We turned around and saw chloe, Holly, Louis and Liam standing there holding their mouths trying not to burst out with laughter. Chloe and Holly grabbed my hand and pulled me over to another bench. Chloe then said, "Louis asked me to be his girlfriend!"
"Liam asked me to be his girlfriend too and I guess Joe asked you aswell, Am I right?!" Holly exclaimed as she looked at me with a sly grin on her face. I blushed and we all screamed quietly trying not to let the guys here but i think they heard us as they looked at us with a confused face. We walked back to them.
"Hey guys, how about we go to the beach later?" I suggested.
"Yeah that would be fun," Joe said while winking at me. I blushed as he held out his hand for me to hold.
"How bout you chloe?" Louis asked smiling at her.
"Yeah sure, you wanna go holly?" Chloe replied
"Yeah i'll go... Liam will you pick me up please," she said as she flattered her eyelashes.
"Okay ill pick you up at 4:30!" Liam said. We walked to chloe's car and said goodbye to the guys. Chloe dropped Holly off at her house, me at mine then she drove off to hers. I ran up to my room, opened my closet door and got everything out. I chose a black vest top, a white jumper to go on top and black skinny jeans. I took out my red and black bikini from out my dresser. I jumped in the shower, washed my hair, blow dried my hair and let it drop curly. I went downstairs and realised it was 4:25. I sat down and watched Good Luck Charlie to pass the time. As the time turned to 4:30 there was a knock at the door. I raced to the door and opened it...Joe was standing there with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on. He stared at me until i said, "Joe? What are you staring at?"
"You...,You look beautiful!" he said still staring at me.
"Thank you, you don't look so bad your self," I said while blushing. He took me to his black lamborghini murcielago. He opened the door for me then shuts it then runs over to his side. We drove the beach to find Chloe against a wall being kissed by Louis and Holly lying on a bench with Liam having a make out session. Joe got out the car ran over to my side nd opened the car door. When i got out i looked at them and sighed. I was about to interupt when Joe picked me up Bridal Style and put me on the bumper of his car.
"Joe...What are y-" before i could finish he kissed me with so much passion. He pulled away and carried me off the car. He cleared his throat, just then Liam and Louis stopped and stared at us. Chloe and Holly got up and dusted themselves up. Me and Joe burst out laughing.

We walked up the beach hand in hand. "Joe, wanna go swimming?" I asked.
"Sure," he said. He took off his shirt and jumped in the water. I burst out laughing and so did Holly and Chloe because Liam and Louis did the same. I took off my clothes to show my new bikini. Joe stood in the water and his mouth dropped open when he saw me. "Joe! Joe! JOE!" I screamed.
"W-What?" Joe said still staring at me.
"Stop staring at me!" I said blushing. He ran out of the water, picked me up in bridal style and through me in the water.

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