The last of me. (Not a joke, please read if you're my friend.)

I'm really sad right now. My time on here is almost up.

Chapter 1


by: Bastille
I'm really sad. I've seen all of the amazing things you guys have done for me and for everyone else.The two AWESOME works of art that Crazy4Cookies and RueAndMadge did made me practically burst with happiness. Thank you so much!!!! :)

Here's what's happening: my parents cut off the cable because me and my siblings apparently spent too much time watching TV. So, my internet access is also gone tomorrow. I thought it wouldn't be too bad, that I wouldn't be able to get on here for two weeks at the most but my parents plan on blocking off all of the sites except for Gmail, my school website, and a few others, plus the ones that they need. So they're going to block Quibblo. D;

I'll still try to get on as much as I can, but I won't be on very often. At least until my parents allow me and my siblings to get on again. But who knows how long that is?! (At most, maybe 6 months!!!!) I won't delete my account, and I request that you guys don't delete me as a friend. But I understand if you do. If I need to let you guys know anything, I'll tell my friend, Clove (she won't let me say her name on here) and she'll hopefully post it on as a question or a story.

If you try to friend her, please note that she might not accept because she's very selective, for reasons that I maybe don't know of. So I would just check her recently created box for updates from me, and you'll be able to tell if they're from me or not by whether my name is in the title or not. Now, I would like to thank some of my closest friends for being there for me, I'll try to keep it short, but there's no guarentees.

Crazy4Cookies: You have been one of my closest friends EVER here on Quibblo, Sarah. I will miss you SOOO much!!!! You've always been there, commented on probably every one of my quizzes/stories, and I REALLY wish I could meet you in real life. You made my days on Quibblo lots of fun. :)

WinForMeCato: You're my BFF on/off Quibblo, Emery, so I know more about you than I probably should. But I'm glad we met the way we did and that we've been best friends for so long. It's been fun being on Quibblo with you and I'll miss chatting on here.

Linde: You were my very first friend on here, (except for the Quibblo person), and I will reallly miss you. You've always helped me improve my writing skills and techniques and helped me become a better person in general. Thanks for sticking with me even though I can be super annoying. :)

safeandsound101: You're stories were AMAZING, and awe-spiring, Mikayla, and hopefully I can occasionally come on here just to read some of them. Thanks. :)

ArtemisRocks1400: Thanks for being a chatting buddy and a great story writer. You were always so sweet and a wonderful Directioner. :) I wish I could say a lot more, but I don't think that I have enough characters for that. :D I love you, and I'll really miss you!!!!

smilesarethebest: You always did know how to make me smile, Tara. Whether it was from your super sweet stories and posts or your incredible stories that made me want to read more. Thank you. :)

trevtrev3: You were my best Random-and-Super-Awesome buddy here. :D You made me laugh and brought out the weirdness in me, plus you are on of the best Greek Mythology lovers EVER!! BUBBLES UNITE!!!

cstar11: Carrie, you were always so up-beat, and knew how to cheer me up, or just talk to me when I felt down. I'm glad to have known a friend like you. :)

Married_To_Niall_Horan: You're an amazing friend, Rachel. :) And I LOVE that pic in your photo album, thanks again!!! You are so sweet and I can't say that I've regretted having you as a friend. Thank you. :)

DieAnotherDay: Thanks so much for commenting on almost everything, and really caring about me. You made me really like Quibblo. Plus, your stories/quizzes were fun and great to read.

ClatoIsMe: Thanks so much, dear Tiff, for being an awesometastiful (Sarah word, right there, couldn't help myself) friend and one of the BEST Clato lovers ever!!!! You're on my top three Most-Clato-Loving friends list along with Sarah and Emery!!!!

I've got so many other friends to thank, plus I have more info about me leaving in the next cphap, please read that too.

~ Lexi <3

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