I Am

Stupid little poem...

Chapter 1

I Am

All I ever known,
I am, I am the shadow where you hide,
I am the sadness, which you cry,
I am the anger you rage,
I am the pity you take on the poor,

Don't judge me at first glance,
I judge myself on the actions I can take,
You judge me on the actions I took,
Why can't you hide in the white shadows, and retreat into the autumn breeze?

The rusted, red flames of jealously burn,
I take a breath to say what I never said,
But there is nothing left,
Let the world end with a whimper, not a bang,

I want to believe in someone,
I want to believe in something,
I want to believe in love,
I want to believe that I can live again,
Under these roofs,
Under your heart,

With you forever.

I want to believe,
That I am the rain that pours on the day,
The day you realize,
That till that day,
I wish could love again...


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