Criminal Minds: The Story Of A Smooth Criminal

Criminal Minds: The Story Of A Smooth Criminal

This is yet another fanfic l put together about a suave and charming criminal. lt's based on the Michael Jackson ''Smooth Criminal'' video. Don't worry, the stoy will have a little romance between Donatelo and AnaMica.

P.S. Donatelo is Michael Jackson :)

The setting is 1934...........

Chapter 15

Who Said l Was A Lady?

Annie: Uh......Mica...
AnaMica's jaw dropped. Who did this chick think she was? Her body was filled with anger but her soul was overflowed with sadness.
AnaMica: Mic-
Donny pushed Fiona away and she stumbled over.
Donatelo: It's not what it looks like! Honestly.
She walked up to him.
AnaMica: Oh really? It looks like you were lip-lockin' with this whore!
Fiona: Excuse me, did you just say ''whore''.
AnaMica: Hell yeah fvcking right.
Fiona and Annie gasped, Donny remained silent, and Damira laughed.
Fiona: Oh, it's on.
Fiona took off her earrings and AnaMica pushed her on the ground.
Donatelo: (Chuckles) Wow.
Damira and Annie: YEAH!!!!
Damira: Show her who's boss!
Fiona stood up and threw a punch, but AnaMica ducked.
AnaMica: Up, too slow.
Then AnaMica threw a punch and it hit her dead center. Fiona fell back once again, and AnaMica grabbed her leg and dragged her across the beach. No one tried to break it up. Annie and Damira were on the ground laughing. Even Donny was laughing a bit.
Fiona: Let me go!
AnaMica: Psh, yea right.
AnaMica continued to drag her until.....BAM! Fiona kicked AnaMica on the side of her leg and she fell over.
Donatelo: OH HELL NAW!!!
Donny, Annie, and Damira rushed over there. Fiona stood over AnaMica.
Fiona: What now?!
AnaMica grabbed her leg and pulled her to the ground.
AnaMica: That!
Then they got in a fist fight on the ground. That's when a group of people at the beach came and helped break it up.
Fiona: That's it! You can carry on this mission without me!
At that, she stormed off.
Damira: AnaMica, that was so un lady like!
AnaMica: Who said l was a lady?

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