Criminal Minds: The Story Of A Smooth Criminal

Criminal Minds: The Story Of A Smooth Criminal

This is yet another fanfic l put together about a suave and charming criminal. lt's based on the Michael Jackson ''Smooth Criminal'' video. Don't worry, the stoy will have a little romance between Donatelo and AnaMica.

P.S. Donatelo is Michael Jackson :)

The setting is 1934...........

Chapter 2

All Business

A young women walks down the street dressed in a short black and pink dress, black mary jane heels, sunglasses, red lipstick, and an overcoat. This gal was all business. She arrived at this old hotel and entered room 34B.
Women: Hello Danny.
She took off her coat and laid across the bed.
Danny: I've been waiting all night for this.
He laid between her legs and she corsed her hands up and down his chest.
Danny: I always knew you would fall for me.
She rolled her eyes and slowly pulled something out of his pocket. She then pulls a thin rope out of her purse and wraps it around his neck. He struggled to pry it off, but it was no use. She had him good. He fell to the ground and she untied the rope. She planted a device on the night stand, grabbed her coat, and left out the room.
As she walks down the street, the camera shows the timer counting down from 3......2......1. The building explodes and she smiles wickedly at the audiance. She her phone starts ringing and she answers it.
Women: Donny.
Donatelo: Nice job......AnaMica.
AnaMica: All in a nights work.
Donatelo: (Chuckles) Best of the best.
AnaMica: You know it.
She hung up the phone and enters the black car he sent for her in an ally. She gazes out the window as the cool breeze blows across her face. The life of a hitwomen.

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