Criminal Minds: The Story Of A Smooth Criminal

Criminal Minds: The Story Of A Smooth Criminal

This is yet another fanfic l put together about a suave and charming criminal. lt's based on the Michael Jackson ''Smooth Criminal'' video. Don't worry, the stoy will have a little romance between Donatelo and AnaMica.

P.S. Donatelo is Michael Jackson :)

The setting is 1934...........

Chapter 3

Club 30's

Donatelo walks down the street looking as smooth as ever dressed in a white suit, blue shirt, white fedora, black and white shoes, and a white tie. He looks at his watch, 9:30pm. He smiles and continues walking not knowning that someone is following him. He hears an explosion from down the street and smiles. AnaMica. He picks up his phone and dials her number.
AnaMica: Donny.
Donatelo: Nice job.....AnaMica.
AnaMica: All in a nights work.
Donatelo: (Chuckles) Best of the best.
AnaMica: You know it.
He hangs up the phone and continues down the street. The camera then goes to James Donamieo who's hiding behind a building.
Donamieo: Go.
His troops then proceed to follow Donny. They send the dogs after him and he takes off running. He hides behind a statue and some of the guys past by. He exhales and looks beside him. A dog. He jumps up and takes off down the street. They nearly catch him, but he cuts them off through an ally. He lookes around. Trapped. Donamieo and his troops proceed down the ally. He runs around the corner and.........transforms into a futuristic car. He blazes past them and leaves a trail of fire behind.
Donny arrives at Club 30's and transform back into his regular self. He goes behind the building to meet his friends.
Little Girl: Hi Donny!
Little Boy: Sup Man!
Little Boy #2: Hey!
Donatelo: Hey guys.
He high fives them and enters Club 30's. The room gets quiet and everyone stops and look. He fixes his coat and tosses a coin into the juke box, which plays their favorite song ''Smooth Criminal''. Everyone starts dance and Donny joins in. While singing, he joins a crad game, flips a guy, and takes their money. Then he runs over to the pool table, catches the white ball, cracks it with his fist, and blows the dust in the guys face. He brakes the pool stick and swings it at him. Other guys join in and Donny runs up the stairs, where he encounters a mysterious women.
Donatelo: And what is your name beautiful?
Isabella: Isabella.
Donny embraces her and she takes some money out of his coat pocket.
Guy: There he is!
Donny smirks and and runs up some more stairs. There, he punches a guy that was beating up a flapper and flirts with her and her friends. A guy comes out the shadows with a knife and the girls warn him. Without looking, he pulls a gun out of his pocket and shoots the guy. He flys back and breaks a whole into the wall. Donny jumps onto the stairs and presses a button which lets him back down to the first floor. He runs onto the stage and performs the last verses of the song. When the songs over, he notices AnaMica sitting at a nearby table staring at him with a smile. He winks at her and comes over there.
Donatelo: (Takes her hand) You are truly amazing you know that.
She crosses her leg and rest head in her hand.
AnaMica: l'm not the only one.....Smooth Criminal. laughes
AnaMica: l liked your old name better.
Donatelo: What, Michael?
She nods.
Donatelo: You know l had to change it know.
She rolls her eyes and smiles.
Donatelo: Your hand is so soft. kisses it
She giggles a little bit and takes it away.
AnaMica: Are your lips softer than my hands?
Donatelo: (Chuckles) Do you want to find out?
She nods her head, sits on his lap, and plants her against his. Someone taps her shoulder. She turns around.
Annie: l don't mean to interupt, but this is a public place. giggles
AnaMica laughes and caresses Donny's face as she walks away. Annie was dressed in a short red dress, red mary janes, red lipstick, and her short hair was curled up. AnaMica sits at a table with Annie and tells her about her little mission.
Annie: So it was just clean escape? No cops or anything?
AnaMica: Nope. It was an abandoned hotel anyway.....l think. laughes a little
Annie: Did you hear about that guy uh....what's his name um.....James Donamieo. Yeah that's it.
AnaMica: I heard Mic---l mean Donny say something about him.
Annie had a puzzled face.
Annie: Who?
AnaMica: Donny. My boss. My friend.
Annie: Your boyfriend.
AnaMica: He's not my boyfriend!
Annie: That's not what it looks like. winks
AnaMica: (Rolls eyes) That was just a little kiss of.....affection. He kissed my hand and l kissed his lips.
Annie: Mmm hmm. Remember when you too where dancing? Talk about grinding on someone's leg!
AnaMica: (Eyes gets wide) I WAS NOT GRINDING ON HIS LEG!
Annie tiltes her head at her and they burst out laughing. Some girl came pass and bumped AnaMica's shoulder. On purpose.
Annie: Um, excuse you.
Isabella: Oh, sorry. It's not my fault she's in the way.
AnaMica and Annie glared at her and she walked away.
AnaMica: Betch.
She looks over at Donny who was staring her dead in her face. He comes over there.
Donny: Excuse me Annie, but can l borrow your friend for a second.
Annie smiles at AnaMica and nods her head.
Annie: Don't keep her out too long. giggles
Donny: (Whispers in AnaMica's ear) No promises.
She giggled and they walk in te back room away from all the commotion.

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