Girl Confessions Repost

Chapter 1


1.) When was ur First kiss? havent had it yet
2.) How old were u when you had your first boyfriend? 13
3.) Are u tall or short? Medium-sized height
4.) Who do u tell more secrets to family or friends? Friends
5.) Name of ur girl BFF? Kailee
6.) Name of ur guy BFF? Shane
7.) Jeans or skirts? Jeans
8.) Red or Pink? Red
9.) Shy or Loud? Both
10.) Do u have a boyfriend? nope
11.) If u were famous what would u want it to be for? sports or singing
12.) Purple or Yellow? Purple
13.) Worst fear? boats.
14.) Ur hair color? strawberry blonde
15.) Eye color? blue
16.) Chocolate or Sweets? Chocolate
17.) Are u random or normal? random
18.) Vampire Diaries, Hunger games or Harry potter? hunger games
19.) Favorate music genre? Pop
20.) Green or Blue? blue
21.) 1D or Justin Bieber? ONE DIRECTION!!!!
22.) If u could change ur name what would it be? first name: Mia or Carley. last name: idc
23.) Do u like 1D? HELL YEAH
24.) Have u ever been in a car accident? no
25.) Have u ever been in a house fire? no
26.) Do u like Twilight? YES
27.) What year are u in in school? 8th grade
28.) Boyfriends name? dont have one
29.) Do u have a crush on anyone? yeah
30.) Last question would u rather have love and many friends forever OR be extremely rich forever? have love and many friends forever


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