The 57th Annual Hunger Games!

The 57th Annual Hunger Games!

Hey! This is me and bored_chic1002 group story! If you haven't friended her yet, please do! She's an awesome person! :D Because if you don't, you won't get an invite for her chapters.
So, this is about a girl named Willow. She's from District 11. Enjoy! And comment! :D

Chapter 1

The Reaping

There's blinding light. I run away as fast as I can. But it's too late. I'm already dead.
I bolt straight up from my bed. I realize I'm sweating like crazy. It was only a dream. Only a dream, I keep telling myself. I'm not going into the Hunger Games. I'm not going into the Hunger Games. Never. Ever.
Today's the Reaping in District 11. The worst day of the year. It's everyone's nightmare. Nobody volunteers in District 11. Unless they have a terrible life. Most people do, but they'd rather live than get murdered by a bunch of teens. Especially the Careers. I shiver.
I look at the time. It's 10 o' clock already. I'm gonna be late for the Reaping! I quickly sprint out of bed and get ready.
I brush my teeth, shower, and change. I don't have any nice clothes, but I save my favorite dress for the Reaping. Not like the Reaping deserves any special treatment.
I slip on the red dress. It has sleeves, not like those sexy dresses from the richer districts. But I like my dress the way it is.
I go to the kitchen, an old, run down room with rusty appliances. Isly, my little sister, is already there, scraping her plate with her fork.
"Come on, today's the Reaping! After the Reaping, food is served to us, there's a small party, don't be that desperate!" I say.
She looks up from her plate, her mouth full of bread she stuffed in her mouth. "What if I get picked?" Isly asks.
"You're only 13, you don't take tesserae, you don't do anything extra. I promise, you're not going to get picked. Some 18 year old will." I say helpfully.
She smiles. "I hope you're right."
"I know I am."
She chuckles.
"That's a pretty dress." My mom says from the sink.
"Thanks." I thank.
I eat a plate full of bread, muffins, and some soup. It's what I usually eat everyday though.
Once it's 1:50, I walk outside of my house with my mom and Isly. We walk along the sidewalk, holding hands.
Once we get to the Square, we sign in. The Peacekeepers take a single prick of my blood, then I go to the 15 year old section.
I spot my best friend, Rye, in the boys' section. He gives me a weak smile. I know he's just afraid his brother is gonna get picked. He always is. Just like I am with Isly. I just don't let her know that I'm scared.
Cassidila Vilia comes trotting up to the podium in her dark blue dress with neon green stripes. The Capitol fashions are freakish.
"Welcome, District 11, to the 57th Annual Hunger Games! I bet this will be an exciting year!" Cassidila beams.
Once everyone is in order, the mayor steps up to the mic. He begins reading the boring Treaty of Treason, but I zone out. I don't pay attention to anything for too long. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing.
Cassidila walks up to the stage, and gingerly picks out a slip. I don't pay attention to it. But then suddenly everyone's looking at me. Then I'm pushed up onto the stage.
What? They picked me? No, my name's only in there 4 times! There are thousands of slips in there! I begin to panick.
It's a good thing that the cameras are fixed on Cassidila picking the boy's name.
Again, I zone out, only thinking of my thoughts. I'm gonna die. No, I'm not gonna die. I must win. For Isly, for Rye, for my whole family. I will win.
I look around me, looking around to see who my partner will be. A small boy walks up onto the stage. I feel sorry for the little guy. He looks so scared. But something else registered. I've seen that kid before. I've been to his house, but only to visit his older brother, Rye.
"I volunteer as tribute!" A loud voice suddenly booms through the crowd. I know that voice. It's Rye's.

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