Me Repost

Chapter 1


Height: 155cm (I'm fvcking short!)
Shoe Size: Varies, at smallest 3, at largest 8
S*xual Orientation: straight...

Do you Smoke?: Nope.
Do you Drink?: No
Do you Take Drugs?: Never!

Age you get mistaken for: 13-15...
Real age: 17
Have Tattoos?: nope!

Got any Piercings?: Earrings :)
Want any (more) piercings: No.

Relationship status: Single! But fictionally married to Hetalia characters...

Favorite Movie: The Avengers, of course!

A fact about your personality: I'm quiet

What I hate most about myself: I don't ask for help and would rather try to solve stuff on my own

What I love most about myself: I'm a nice person when you get to know me :)

What I want to be when I get older: Teacher! I want to teach English to children overseas

My relationship with my parents: We get along okay, even though there will occasionally be disagreements

What I hate the most about school: The teachers don't even stick to the so-called "anti-bullying policy" they're supposed to have! If they're told someone is being bullied, they talk to the bully, who makes up some story, and the teachers believe them (I've been in this situation before ._.)

What my last text message says: tbh I don't even remember...

What words upset me the most: I tend to get upset easily about people saying stuff about me

What words make me feel the best about myself: Intelligent, kind

A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly: To be able to go on a student exchange to somewhere (will probably never happen though... it's really expensive)

Where I would like to live: Poland! It's a really pretty country from what I've seen in videos and stuff

My childhood career choice: Teacher, but back then no specific area

My favorite ice cream: Cookies 'n Cream

Who I wish I could be: Myself :)

Where I want to be right now: Just as long as I have internet access I'm fine

The last thing I ate: Chicken sandwich

Favorite band: Don't have one

Three favorite male artists: Don't have one

Three favorite female artists: Taylor Swift, and I don't have any others

Artist with the most influence on my life: I don't know!

Favorite color: Red, white, pink

Favorite animal: Guinea pig

Favorite hair color: I think black and blonde are cool hair colours, but it really depends on the person

Favorite gender: I'm not fussed


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