Fullfilment (A Camp Half-Blood fanfiction)

I was going to do a fanfiction with OarngeLady, but it says she's no longer active :( So i'm doing one on my own, with the same charecter. Millie Green, daughter of Hecate, minor goddes of magic. She has a magic amulet that Hecate gave her when she was a baby. It protects her and gives her magic double the power. She ran away when she was ten, cauze her dads an abusive drunk. She has glasses, hip-length thick black hair, and green eyes. Also, she's 12.

Chapter 1

Strange Encounters

I was running for my life. Let me explain. I'm Millie, I ran away from home years ago, and a bunch of monsters have been chasing me ever since. Last week, a huge man with one eye chased me all over Seattle. Now, a giant copperhead snake is chasing me, and no one seems to notice. I had tried everything. I'd stabbed it in the head with a kitchen knife. I'd thrown huge rocks. Once, I have no idea how, I threw a huge ball of green fire at it. That had seemed to slow it down.
I ran into an alley, hoping to see a fire escape into the apartment buildings. Yes! The ladder was about a foot above the ground. I heard loud hissing behind me. No, it couldn't have caught up all ready! I'd left it in the dust three blocks ago! But I didn't have time to fume. I ran to the fire escape, but a huge tail got there before me. It wrapped around the ladder and squeezed until it was dust.
I backed into the alley wall.
The snake's huge, ugly face turning the corner. The wall behind me was at least eight feet tall. I couldn't climb it. Then I got an idea. I could do the fire thing. As the snake drew nearer, i concentrated. Fire, fire, fire, i repeated in my mind. Then i felt heat. Hovering in my hands were two huge balls of green fire.
I aimed, one at its eye, the other right at its mouth, and then waited. It drew nearer, and opened its mouth to bite, just what I was waiting for. I threw the fireballs, and they each hit its mark. The monster shrieked in pain, then dissolved into yellow dust.
I stood there, panting. Then I fainted.

I woke up with the wind in my face. i sat up and saw that i was flying. I shrieked and nearly fell off the flying object. But someone was behind me. He caught me, and pulled me back into a sitting position.
"Are you alright?" He inquired. I looked up to see who he was. He had thick black hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. "I've never seen an untrained demigod do magic before."
"What are we on? What's a demigod? Who are you?" I cried
"We're on a Pegasus, a flying horse. Her name's Blackjack. Belongs to my friend, Percy, but he let me borrow her. Fastest in the stables."
"That still doesn't answer my other questions." I growled.
"A demigod is a half human half god. You are a demigod."
"But who are you?"
"I'm Nico di Angelo, son of Hades."

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