Fullfilment (A Camp Half-Blood fanfiction)

I was going to do a fanfiction with OarngeLady, but it says she's no longer active :( So i'm doing one on my own, with the same charecter. Millie Green, daughter of Hecate, minor goddes of magic. She has a magic amulet that Hecate gave her when she was a baby. It protects her and gives her magic double the power. She ran away when she was ten, cauze her dads an abusive drunk. She has glasses, hip-length thick black hair, and green eyes. Also, she's 12.

Chapter 10

Bad Things Happen when you Play with othe Kid's Toys

That night, when everything had been explained to Paul Blofis, Percy's step-dad, I stayed up well past midnight. When I was sure everyone was asleep, I pulled the scepter out of the bag. I hid under my blankets and sheet. The scepter glowed in the darkness. The words also glowed, etched on the side.
I thought back to when the top of the statues scepter came off, so I tugged on mine. It actually came off! Inside was a piece of paper with writing;
Betrayl is in the future,
You're trust is not mutual
Beware your friends,
Or you'll meet your end.
Heed my warning,
Or you will suffer
the cost of the storm warning.
What was this storm warning everyone was talking about? I put my scepter back and was about to fall asleep when there was a loud crash. I lept out of the pull-out couch A dark figure was in the kitchen. Someone else grabbed me from behind.
"Hello, Millie. I believe you have something of mine." The person in the kitchen said. She - he - it walked over to my bag and pulled out the staff. "Ahh, the power! You have no idea what you had in your possesion, did you?"
"Yes, I did." I said. The idiots had forgotten to cover my mouth. I started chanting something, my eyes glowing. I had no idea what was happening, but all the men were suddenly gone, and my staff was in my hands. I looked out the window at the Empire State Building.
"Thank you." I whispered. Lightning struck the building, even though the night was calm.

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