Fullfilment (A Camp Half-Blood fanfiction)

I was going to do a fanfiction with OarngeLady, but it says she's no longer active :( So i'm doing one on my own, with the same charecter. Millie Green, daughter of Hecate, minor goddes of magic. She has a magic amulet that Hecate gave her when she was a baby. It protects her and gives her magic double the power. She ran away when she was ten, cauze her dads an abusive drunk. She has glasses, hip-length thick black hair, and green eyes. Also, she's 12.

Chapter 2

Camp Half-Blood

"Son of Hades?" I asked, astonished. Before I'd run away, i'd learned about greek mythology in school."Lord of the dead, right?"
"You've done the reading." Nico said, impressed."Were here."
I looked down. We were flying over a large blue house and strawberry fields.
"Why are we at a strawberry field?" I asked. Nico's eyes widened.
"You can't see it?"
"See what?"
"You need to meet Chiron." Blackjack landed in front of the blue house. "We call this the Big House. Chiron and Mr. D live here." Nico jumped off Blackjack and offered to help me get down. I accepted. I don't know why. Normally i don't want to destroy my pride, but there was something about him... Uhg, no. Sure, he's you're age, sure he's pretty cute, but he's delusional. Half gods? What was all that about.
As we walked to the wraparound porch, Nico seemed deep in thought. Probably about how i was an idiot, for falling for all this crap. The horse was probably mechanical. But how did he get it to fly?
When we opened the door, i totally freaked out. A man was standing in the middle of the room.From the waist up, he was a normal guy, with a brown beard and brown eyes. But from the waist down, he was a chesnut stallion. I took off my glasses and rubbed them clean. Nico stared at me.
"What?" I asked. Did i have dirt on my face?
"Uh, nothing. It's just...you look nice without you're glasses." Was he blushing? "Chiron, this girl fought off a monster, used magic, and Blackjack called her a half-blood, but che can't see the camp." Nico explained.
The horse-man turned. He examined me carefully. "Are you sure she's a half-blood?" He asked.
"Uh, did you not hear the whole 'magic' part?" Nico asked.He looked like he wanted to say more, but he just gaped at me.
"What? What is it?" I asked, then i noticed the purple light shining above me. I looked up. Above my head, the scales of justice shone, engulfing me in purple light. It faded seconds later. Chiron bent his front knees in an unmistakable bow. Nico did the same. "What just happened?" I asked, freaking out.
"You're mother just claimed you. You are a daughter of Hecate." Chiron bowed again. "Look outside." He said.
I went to the window and gasped at what i saw. There was a huge climbing wall, with lava pouring onto the kids trying to climb it. Kids played vollyball and basket ball. Huge cabins were arranged in an oval. Girls sat on the docks of a river, giggling and weaving baskets.
"It appears children of Hecate cannot see the camp until they're claimed." Chiron murmered.
"Where are we?" I asked. Nico came up behind me.
"Camp Half-Blood. Come on, i'll give you the tour."

"This way is to Long Island, and over here are the cabins. Lets get you you're weapon first." Nico led me to an old greenhouse. Inside were rows upon rows of weapons. There were bows an arrows, and guns and swords. Knifes and daggers were near the back. Everything was bronze.
"Why is everything bronze?" I asked.
"Celestial Bronze is the only thing that will kill monsters." He grinned at me. "Other than magic, of course." For some reaon my heart started racing when he smiled. I quickly shook it off and selected a knife. Nico handed me a stip of leather. I tied it around my leg and suck the knife in between my jeans and the leather.
"Now we show you the forest. Tonight's Friday, so it's capture the flag." Nico led me away from the weapons greenhouse and toward the forest lining the camp. I heard roars and growls coming from deep within it. We walked until we reached a huge crater.
"What happened here?!" I cried.
"The mechanical dragon did that. Leo fixed him up, though."
"Who's Leo?"
"He's a son of Hephestus. You'll meet him soon." Nico smiled again, and my heart raced agqain. Uhg! This is so stupid! Then I heard growling. It was coming from right behind me. Something leaped, but somehow I knew it was coming. I jumped onto the nearest thing I could find - which was Nico. I felt somethink big and wet cover my face. Then I heard laughing.
"Nice, dude." I heard someone say.
"You did great, Travis." Another voice said. I let go of Nico, blushing, and turned around. My 'attacker' was a huge black dog, at least twice the size of a large apartment. The voices belonged to two identacal boys.
"These are Travis and Conner Stoll, sons of Hermes, and the camp pranksters. They like to target new kids." Nico explained.
"Who's you're girlfriend?" One of the twins asked.
"She's not my girlfriend!"
"I'm not his girlfriend!"
Nico and I cried at the same time. The Stoll brothers just laughed.
"Come on, Mrs. O'Leary, lets let them resume their date." They laughed some more, and the dog followed them back to camp.
"Great Zeus, I hate those boys." Nico muttered under his breath. "Come on, its time for dinner." We went down to a large pavillion. There was one long table, then tons of other mini ones.
"What's this crack?" I asked. There was a huge crack in the marble floor. Nico scratched his head sheepishly.
"I did that, when i first came to camp half-blood. I was angry. Come on, you're table is over here." Nico led me to a table made of purple marble. "Just say what drink you want, and it'll appear in the cup." I sat, and he left for a table made of black marble. I waited, and girls with green skin melted out of the trees, carrying platters of pizza. They delivered two pieces, then melted back into the trees. Everyone got up and moved to a fire. They lined up and tossed a piece into they fire, then said the name of a god.
When it was my turn, I didn't know what to do. Hecate had done nothing for me. I fingered the amulet around my neck. Dad says Hecate gave it to me. It was a silver chain, with an oval of gold. Inside was an amythest, my birthstone. I tossed a piece into the fire.
"Thanks for nothing, Hecate." I muttered. The fire should have smelled like burning food, but it smelled like a bakery. I moved back to my table. "Mountain Dew." A mountain dew can appeared next to my plate.I ate my dinner, then searched for my cabin.
"You're Hecate's daughter, right?"
I turned around. A tall girl with her brown hair in braids stood over me.
"I'm Piper McLean, head of Aphrodite cabin." She held out her hand. When i didn't take it, she dropped it, but still smiled."If you are, you're over here." She pointed at a cabin that looked like a courthouse.
"Thanks." I muttered. I went over to the cabin, and saw that a carving of the scales of justice was above the door. In the center of the room was a statue of a goddess with hip length hair, like mine. She was dressed in a traditional greek chiton. She had a scepter in her hand, the scales of justice engraved on top. She was beautiful.
In the corner of the room, someone had crammed a bed. I plopped onto it and kicked off my shoes. I snuggled under the covers. The first bed I'd had in two years. I didn't care if i missed capture the flag. But, as it would turn out, I really should have stayed awake.

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