Fullfilment (A Camp Half-Blood fanfiction)

I was going to do a fanfiction with OarngeLady, but it says she's no longer active :( So i'm doing one on my own, with the same charecter. Millie Green, daughter of Hecate, minor goddes of magic. She has a magic amulet that Hecate gave her when she was a baby. It protects her and gives her magic double the power. She ran away when she was ten, cauze her dads an abusive drunk. She has glasses, hip-length thick black hair, and green eyes. Also, she's 12.

Chapter 3

I Play Capture the Flag

I was in what looked like a temple. The windows were stain-glass of a woman with hip length black hair. A statue stood in the center of the room, identical to the one in my cabin. A woman in a purple chiton and hip-length black hair stood next to me.
"Beautiful temple, is it not? It's mine. How are you, Millie?" She turned to me and smiled. Her eyes were something darker than black.
"Hecatie?" I asked. The woman nodded. "Why do you appear to me now? Why not when those monsters were chasing me?"
"I was...unprepared. It is not common for me to have i child. In fact, I've never even had one before you." Hecate admitted.
"But every new parent has enough sense to help their kid when their in mortal danger!" I shouted. My mother took an apple from a bronze offering bowl in front of her statue. I sniffled. I realized I was crying. "All i ever wanted was a normal life. Going to the mall with you , having heart-to-heart talks about boys, that kind of stuff. But, no, you left me there. You let dad abuse me, you let me run away, and you didn't even lead me here."
"Millie, I'm sorry. But a goddess has other duties, and-"
"But couldn't you have pretended, even for a second! You could have at least talked to me!" I started crying harder. "I thought dad was a jerk, but i guess you win the prize." Hecate gave me a hug. She kept on hugging me until i stopped crying.
"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, but the second Titan War..."
"Whose side were you on?" I asked, not really caring, just wondering. Hecate said nothing, just rubbbed my back. Thats when I knew. "You fought for the Titans." I pulled out of her arms. "You tried to destoy humanity? You...I always thought you were a bad mom, but this?"
"Just send me back."
"Send me back!" I was crying again.Then I woke up. My cheeks had tear stains. I realized it wasn't even dark. I got up and realized I'd forgotten to take my knife off. I went outside and saw kids climbing into armor. Nico saw me and waved me over.
"You got up just in time for capture the flag. Right now, Hephestus cabin has the banner.Get in you're armor." Nico gestured at a pile of small armor. "It's my size, so, if strapped on tight enough, it should fit you."
I pulled it on and looked down at the helmet. It had a blue little mohawk on it. I shrigged and put it on. As soon as i let it go, it slid over my eyes. Nico laughed.
"I'll talk to someone about a smaller helmet."
Since the armor came with sacabbard, i took the piece of leather and used it to tie my hair up. I gave it a good thought, then quickly ran back to my cabin. I took off my glasses and placed them carefully on the bedside drawer. When i ran back up to the forest, guys gaped at me. Even Connor and Travis Stoll stopped laughing to look. I hated it when this happened, but my glasses might break. Chiron blew a horn, and we all gathered around the edge of the forest.
"The teams are separated by the color on their helmets! Right now, Hephestus cabin holds the laurals!" Chiron called. A tall Spanish-looking boy with tan skin and short brown hai hoisted up the flag, which was gold, with a hammer. A muscualr girl was holding the other flag, blood red with a boar on it. All the kids with red mohawks cheered. "Each team will have a base and terirtiory! The neutral territoy is the creek! Try not to kill each other!" At that, the kids started running into the forest.
"Come on, I'll show you the base." Nico was behind me. He showed me to the very crater the Stoll brothers had jumped us.I noticed Piper inside the crater, directing Aphrodite cabin to their places.
"Aphrodite is fighting?" I asked.
"Yeah, they normally don't, but with you on our side, they don't think they'll fight much." Nico explained. "Uh, you stand gaurd at the creek. It's just down through there." He pointed. I started walking through the forest to get to the creek, when i saw someone. She had stormy gray eyes, blonde hair in a ponytail, and she had a baseball cap on.
"Hey, you stop there," I ordered, drawing my knife. The girl looked surprised, then continued on walking. She wasn't wearing her helmet now, but she had it under her arm. A red mowhawk. She was a little ways down the hill, so I kept on walking, and when she was right there, I grabbed. She struggled, so I pushed her up against the tree. She continued struggling, so hard her cap fell off.
"How could you see me?" She asked, giving up.
"What do you mean?"
"The cap! It was an invisibility cap!" I couldn't say anything. I could see her when she was invisible?
"Come on, you're going back to base." I picked up her invisibility cap and dragged her back to camp. Piper, obviusly team captain, was amazed that I had found this girl.
"Only Percy's ever caught her! You're amazing! I can't believe she was going around without her cap!"
"Actually, she was. I could see her." The girl nodded.
"I'm Annabeth, daughter of Athena." She said. "The cap was a gift." Piper kept hold of Annabeth, and I went back to the creek. I was boring. I waited 40 minutes, and nothing happened. Kids with blue headdresses went over to enemy terriritory occasionaly. Then I saw it. A huuge metal dragon, with that one spanish kid riding. He grinned down at me. I couldn't let them win. I had to do something. I concentrated hard on the water. It started bubbling and churning. It formed two huge hands. They copied my movements.I grabbed the mechanical dragon and held it on the ground. It sturggled and shriecked. The kid jumped down. He raised his sword, when a blunt arrow hit his hand.Will Solace, head of Apollo, cam out with another arrow nocked. All the other Apollo cabin members were right behind him.
"Is this guy really that big of a threat?" I asked, still struggling to hold the dragon.
"He is when Festus is around." Will answered. Festus? Then I glanced at the dragon. I was panting. This magic was taking a lot out of me.
"Someone please take this thing." I pleaded. Will noded, and the Apollo cabin tossed rope around him. As soon as they tied him up, I let go and promptly fainted.

I woke up on a soft bed. Nico and Will loomed over me. I looked around and realized I was in the Apollo cabin.
"Will she be allright?" Nico asked.
"She just needed to sleep. If she tries to do magic again, make sure its small magic." Will answered.
"I'm right here, you know." I growled.
"Yes, you are." Will said pulling a bag of little golden cubes out of a duffel bag. "Eat one." He said, handing the bag to me. I eyed a cube suspiciusly, then popped it in my mouth. It was sweet, like candy. It was sticky, and very good. It reminded me of carmel. I hadn't had carmel in so long.
"Only one every few days." Will instructed. "If you eat too much, you'll burn up." I nodded, and stuffed the bag in my pocket.
"Who won?"
"Aphrodite cabin. Piper took over after you passed out." Nico said.
"Well, allright, I'm going to bed." I said, leaving the Apollo cabin. I headed straight for the Hecate cabin. Nico followed.
"Hey, Millie?" He said. "Are you sure you're okay?"
I turned on him. "Do you understand how NOT okay I am? My dad abused me, my mom abandoned me, and I'm at a camp where kids are half god!" I stormed to my cabin and slammed the door in his face. I went to my bed and tried to fall asleep, but when I finally finally did, I was dragged out of my bed.

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