~~Being the New Kid Again~~

I decided to make a story, so here it is! Beware: It's going to be bad! :P EDIT: I think I am going to the do another chapter tomorrow or late maybe...

Chapter 1

Moving to Another School....

"But Mom, I don't want to go to new school!" I said. Sometimes my parents are crazy! I did not want to move, I will hate to leave my friends and my best friend, Clara. Then I have to be the new kid all over again! I heard that the new school I am going to is called "Rivervalley Elementary School", 6th grade. Tomorrow's the big day, we'll have to move to Book St. I started to pack my stuff in a plain ugly suitcase, even through its not tomorrow yet. My clothes...., have to leave some for tomorrow..., my stuff animals, my comb and lipsticks...., my hair dryer,...............after I finished stuffing some junk in the suitcase I lay flat on my comfy bed, thinking about my friends and Clara. Suddenly my phone began to ring, I picked up my pink Iphone and answered it. "Hi! Is it you Vickey?" a voice asked, it was Clara.''Yeah, it's me Vickey, Clara, why your up so late today? I thought your parents always made you go to bed at eight-thirty!" I replied. "Hold on..." "Kay Clara" I started playing with my curly brown hair waiting when Clara came back to the phone. ''Back!" "Yeah?" "Well Vickey....I am going to my country, Brazil, you know already, there was some accident, I don't know what but my parents and I have to go to the airport tomorrow morning at 7 a.m." There was a long silence until she said hello? "I am going to.....nevermind...well Clara, I will miss you, got to go! Bye! I said. "Kay, miss you too....Bye.." Then she hanged up. I actually lied, I didn't have to go....Now Clara's leaving, great. I looked up at the hello kitty clock, it was already 1:45 a.m. It was way past my bedtime, I lay on my bed and thought about Clara, tears roll down my cheeks. Then I fell asleep............ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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