The Very Worst Night - A True Story. (For Lexi's Contest!)

Mhhmm. Totally true story, the night that Tara was going to delete, the 16th of July. Also, the 17th was my birthday... so, yeah. I remember it way too well...

Chapter 1

Don't Leave Me..

Tara is my best friend here on Quibblo (her username: smilesarethebest) and she's very special to me. We have eachother's passwords, emails, our own private chat room, and we even had a Friendship War once. :)

Sometime early in July, a guy here on Quibblo began creeping Tara out. He was making creepy comments on her photos and messaging her then complaining when she didn't answer. (Well, would you?!). Eventually Tara began to think about deleting, because the guy was seriously scaring her. (I'm not going to tell you who the guy was, and don't worry about it, the problem's solved.)

On the 16th of July, she was on like all day. She messaged me and said she was deleting her account. I was on the verge of tears thinking I'd never hear her ever again (this was before I knew her email.) But she did say she'd come on our BFF Chatzy room sometimes, so I felt a little better. But it just wasn't the same. It was, however, better than nothing.

That night, she logged off. I stayed on a little longer, cleaning out my inbox and fighting back tears. I fully expected to see her profile gone when I logged on in the morning.

I highlighted a page of messages, and clicked 'Delete'. Then, as they vanished, I saw a vital message. It was the one with the URL for our chat room! The only thing that would keep me connected to Tara! I frantically pressed the 'Back' button, over and over and over. But it was no use. It was gone. Forever.

I started sobbing, huge loud wails. I had probably lost one of my only true friends forever, just because I had not looked closely enough. I couldn't believe what I had just done.

I sent a message to Tara, my fingers trembling. My last hope was that she would see it and answer it before she was gone for good. As I pressed "Send", I felt like I was stranded on a desert island, and I had just thrown a bottle with a message into the ocean. The green circle on the screen spun, and it sent. My cry for help had been sent. But would it ever be answered?

After that, I combed the internet with searches of anything, anything to find that chatroom. Nada. Finally, at about 12:30 am, I realized two things. 1. It was my birthday! 2. I was never going to find it. Exhausted, I pressed the power button and climbed into bed. I picked up my book that I'd planned especially to read tonight. It was called "13 Gifts", by Wendy Mass. It was an awesome series, and this one, I knew, was about a girl's 13th birthday, so what better time to read it?

My face all red and tear - stained, I began reading it. On the second page, I found out that the main character's name was.. Tara. I stared at the book in disbelief, then threw the book on the floor, turned my head into the pillow, and burst into a fresh set of tears.

My dad walked into my room.

"Sarah, what's going on?" I lifted my face up from the pillow. He looked at me.

"Were you.. crying?!"

I sniffed. "A bit.." I said.

"Why?" my dad looked puzzled.

I pondered my situation. To tell or not to tell? I decided not, because how would you start that conversation? "Yes, Dad, I'm crying because my only true friend in the world who just happens to be on the internet is leaving me and I deleted my only means of acsess to her." Not happening. So I said:

"Oh, my book was just made me really sad. I'm fine." (Not a lie, see! Except for the "I'm fine" part..)

"What was it about?" Dad asked.

"It was about.. a girl who lost her friend." I say, barely holding back tears and trying my best to disguise it.

"Stories aren't real, Sarah. Don't worry." he said gently.

My thoughts: "Dude, I am NOT 5 years old!" What I said: "Okay, Daddy. Thanks."

He walked out of my room. I rolled my eyes. Did I just call him "Daddy" on my 13th birthday? Sheesh. But hey, he left. So I resumed my crying into the pillow, and eventually fell asleep on about 2am on my birthday morning. My last thought was this: 'Tomorrow morning's either going to be the best day of my life, or the worst birthday ever."


My eyes snapped awake, and I looked at my clock. 9:34. I jumped out of bed, pulled a blanket around my shoulders, and ran to my laptop. I flipped it open and typed as fast as I could. I went right to my messages and scrolled through them. And THERE IS WAS! TARA HAD ANSWERED ME!!! I'm not ashamed to say that at this part here I actually jumped up and down squealing like.. I don't know. But I was just so happy. I hadn't lost contact with her after all, she had sent to me the chatroom link again!

I don't know why, but I decided to look at her profile, who knows why, just to see if it really was gone. And guess what? It WASN'T! I wasn't sure what was going on, but a little spark inside of me said Tara had changed her mind! Kept happy by this new thought and the fact that she had answered me, I got dressed and went downstairs, where I knew my presents were waiting for me.



Yes, Tara DID change her mind, she got rid of the creeper guy (who really wasn't a creepy guy, but whole different story) and she is still my Quibblo bestie to this day :)

Thanks for reading!
~ Sarah :)


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