Ordinary: Extra Ordinary

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Chapter 1

Barney McKeen 16253 Northway St

by: TheGrouch
Dear Uncle Barney,

When I was young, my mother and father always doted on me and promised me that I was destined for... greatness. Hah. I bet you've all heard that before. Every parent tells their children that they will make a difference in the world, that they will grow up to be the next ambassador to India or prime minister or Joan Rivers. It means a lot, too. What would I not give to be the next Joan Rivers?

But life, as many of you have come to learn or wil come to learn, is great at screwing you over (not to be rude). I always believed I would be a great leader someday, or a great musician. I was ready to handle the real world, honest, and I was ready for the world to handle me.

I'm obviously looking back at my life, and I'm sort of negative, so... what changed? Well, I turned six.

It was the most horrific night I can remember. The screams, the pain, the heartbreak of the following morning all make me feel hollow. My mother and father had picked me up from my auntie's house, and we were driving down a two-lane highway at eleven at night. I was asleep in my carseat, although thinking back I remember my parents' voices carrying on into my dreams. I felt safe, and I felt happy; my Aunt Emilia had made brownies and cookies with me.
All of a sudden I woke up to screeching tires, and I was being jerked forward. I started screaming. Then there was a loud "CRUNCH!" and one less person was screaming...

My father took the blunt of the hit. Actually, he took all of it. He died as soon as he hit the tree. The airbags whipped out, smothering my mother's face as she kept screaming and tried to reach up for air. My neck felt like it was burning, but I could hardly feel anything. I wriggled out of my carseat, got out of my door, and opene my mother's door, helping her out the best I could. I could almost hear the neighborhood calling the cops.

"...Loud crash, can't see anything..."
"There's screaming, oh please, come stop the screaming..."
"Yes, 15930 West Place. Please come. Someone's been in an accident..."

What felt like hours of trying to calm my mother down (she was still screaming), ended abruptly soon after I saw the headlights and heard the sirens. I couldn't even think of my father while we waited for the paramedics - my mother was my first priority, because she was crying and screaming on the floor. I told her to calm down, that we didn't want to wake up Papi. But I could tell she couldn't hear me.

First, they got my father and rolled him into the ambulance. Then, one of the big men saw me, saw my neck I suppose, and made me get into another ambulance. I didn't see my mother for a while.

When we arrived at the medical center, I kept hearing people calling out and making room, since the paramedics were rushing my father and me farther into the heart of the hospital. Suddenly, though, my father went left. I turned to follow him, but one of the nurses ushered me straight ahead. You know what happens next. I say, "that was the last time I ever saw my father." And what's more, the last time I saw him, he was black and blue, with blood covering his scalp and his face, his eyes closed. Despite the appearance, he seemed peaceful. He had no more troubles, after all.

I had a mild concussion and mild whiplash. I came out the best. My father didn't come out at all. My mother came out depressed and deaf. All I remember was her face; it was dark, it was missing someone, missing a previous lifestyle. She became consumed with his death.

It turns out my father had swerved to avoid hitting a rabbit. A bloody rabbit caused all of this grief. He served, lost control and hit an oak tree. And then he left us.

For the eight years following that, my mother and I never spoke. I know we couldn't speak and understand each other, but I was still hurt. I didn't think we would have spoken even if she could hear me. I spent eight years in lonely solitude, not knowing how to grow up, not knowing how to make friends, and not knowing who I was. It took eight years.

For those eight years, I was ordinary. I was less of a human being than most people actually. I was very ordinary; I went to school, went home, did my homework. I didn't win any achievements that were worth anything. I won "Neatest Desk" in my fifth grade class, but that was because I hardly made human contact. I never applied myself, so I thought I wasn't smart. Nobody ever told me I was smart. I thought I was extra ordinary. Not extraordinary. Just extra ordinary. I would do nothing with my life. The first five years of my life, when my parents told me how successful I would be, were gone, just shadows of the past. Then another thing changed.

June 11, 2008. 7-11-08. That was the day my mother left too. She walked out to "get groceries" I had understood from the way she pointed to the list on the refrigerator. So I let her go. At that moment, I remember, I didn't care if she ever came back. In my opinion, my father and my mother had both left me on March 18, 2001. If only I had realised...

They told me she walked into traffic. Committed suicide. Hah. If that wasn't a blow straight to my face... I knew I lost my father on accident, but my mother? Committing suicide was her choice. She chose to leave me. She chose to leave the nothing we had together. Heck, I would've left the nothing too if I hadn't thought we were in it together. Looking back, I guess we weren't.

My first response was anger. It lasted for a decent hour or two, before my screaming became wailing. I felt alone, I felt secluded. I was alone, and I was secluded. And I suddenly remembered the car accident more vividly, and tried to stop my wailing and screaming from matching the wailing and screaming of my mother in years past. I didn't want to end up like her, with no dignity.

There was no funeral. When I say we were in it together, I mean it. My Aunt Emilia came after they buried my mother. She came to take me to live with her. But for some reason, I couldn't go with her. Why?

I started seeing the black dots.

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