Letters to 'him' [Another 1D tale]

This is all constructed letters to the boys. :)

Chapter 1

To the Blue eyed blond

Dear 'him',

I love you.

Those three words, so little in importantance to you and I.
Because my dedication to you is much stronger.
Your eyes.
The reason I gave you a chance.
Your smile.
The cause to my heart swelling with pride.
Your laugh.
The resurrection to my own.
Your appetite.
Showed me eating isn't the enemy.
Your insecurities.
Your own insecurities showed me that if you gave in the slightest, society demands change. You didn't change. You showed me true courage.
Your dedication.
You love you job and you keep with it.
You're as ugly as a kitten, a puppy or even a baby penguin.
When I see tears gracing your pale cheeks and water in your blue eyes, my heart shatters into a million pieces every time.
I may just be one girl in a million vying for your attention, even though I don't try, but you will always be the blue eyed Irish boy that captured my icy heart.

Forever yours,

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