My Rant For Sarah's Contest!

Chapter 1

I am pissed. Beware.

Life sucks. Seriously, everything in the world sucks. Love, books, life, music, everything. It's all pointless. Really, nothing's important. Everything changes and gets destroyed anyways. And those people who think they can change the whole damn world? Well, newsflash:There are 7 billion people on Earth. You can't change everyone, you can't make everybody happy. No matter what happens, somebody' s going to be fvcking miserable. And what the hell is the point of life? We go about our day, we talk to people, we exsist, for what? Someday, the sun will explode and we'll all be dead and there'll be no one around to remember Cleopatra and Aristole, let alone what you had for lunch.

And living for love? Oh my God, don't get me started on love. All it does is make people miserable. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and get stabbed a billion times until we meet our "soulmates" and then they die and you don't see them again until you die. So you go through all of this bullshiit to be with one person, you deal with everyone against the "true love" you've found, and then they die. So you spend the rest of youur life missing them, because you loved them.

And do you know what happens when the person you love doesn't love you back? It's painful as hell! You love them, they're your whole fvcking universe, and you mean nothing to them or there are a bunch of other people they like. It's like being stabbed in the heart. You can't breath or think or anything, because it fvcking hurts. So you go on with your life, watching them be happy without you. It's like hell on Earth.

But that doesn't matter, because everybody dies and everybody leaves. If you delude yourself into thinking anything else, you should face the fvcking facts. Life is pointless, and everyone will abandon you eventually. Deal with it.


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