Another personal REPOST! :)

Repost :))

Chapter 1

Repost about yourself~~

1.) When was ur First kiss? I never have one yet....
2.) How old were u when you had your first boyfriend? Not yet...:)
3.) Are u tall or short? In the middle...
4.) Who do u tell more secrets to family or friends? Friends XD
5.) Name of ur girl BFF? Eh...I really not comfortable saying it
6.) Name of ur guy BFF? Eh...same as top one...:/
7.) Jeans or skirts? I love them all!! XD
8.) Red or Pink? Pink :))
9.) Shy or Loud? Kinda both..
10.) Do u have a boyfriend? Nope
11.) If u were famous what would u want it to be for? Eh...maybe a actress or a artist!
12.) Purple or Yellow? Purple, of course!
13.) Worst fear? I have a of them is the dark O.O shudders
14.) Ur hair color? Kinda black and brownish
15.) Eye color? Dark brown!
16.) Chocolate or Sweets? Chocolate >:D
17.) Are u random or normal? Both
18.) Vampire Diaries, Hunger games or Harry potter? I say Harry Potter, but maybe because I never watch/read The Hunger Games yet...(Oh if anyone knows The Hunger Games can you tell me what is it about? Thanks XD)
19.) Favorate music genre? Idk?
20.) Green or Blue? Blue!
21.) 1D or Justin Bieber? Eh...neither...
22.) If u could change ur name what would it be? I like my name already :))
23.) Do u like 1D? Nope
24.) Have u ever been in a car accident? .....No
25.) Have u ever been in a house fire? ......No -.-
26.) Do u like Twilight? So so :))
27.) What year are u in in school? Eh...not telling haha XD
28.) Boyfriends name? I said I didn't have one somewhere up there already!!
29.) Do u have a crush on anyone? Eh kinda...
30.) Last question would u rather have love and many friends forever OR be extremely rich forever? No way! I want love and many friends forever!! Who would want to be LONELY without friends and be rich :( Okay well that was easy :))


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