Bully [A Poem]

Bully [A Poem]

Have you ever been bullied?
Have you ever bullied someone?
This is for you...

Chapter 1



I'll call you vicious names
even though I don't know you.
I'll talk about your character
And all the wrongs you've done,
But you're not allowed to look at me
And talk about me.
Because everyone knows it’s just not
"The Right Thing To Do"

I will bully you until you cry
because it makes me feel better.
I'll make fun of your clothes
because mine are so much better.
I'll tease you about your hair
Because mine is so much prettier.
And I'll talk about your family
Because I wish I had one to go home to.

I'm a bully because I can be,
but not because I want to be.
I'm a bully unconsciously
because I wasn't thinking about you.
I'm a bully because I hurt your feelings.
I'm a bully but then... So are you.


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