Please Read All Of My Friends

Chapter 1


So if you're wondering why I haven't been messaging some of you, and haven't been replying to your comments and stuff, I'm sorry... I just have been able to get on the computer much lately... For one thing, the internet is slow, and for another, my computer is having problems. Also, my best Quibblo friend Shervin deleted a few days ago... He didn't tell me why, and he wont answer his email, or messages off of Facebook.. Oh, I also my have accidentally deleted some of the messages you sent me... So if I don't reply within the next few days, just go ahead and send me another one if you want to keep messaging.

I really am sorry about this... I'm just worried about why Shervin deleted. I'll try to get through all my messages as soon as possible. Oh, and if any of you know what happened to Shervin please please please let me know...
Thank you all for understanding...
-Esther :)


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