Chapter 1

We all need to buy LWWY...

Guys, the only country which Live While We're Young is number 1 in is Ireland. Seriously, it is not even number 1 in America, nor the UK, or even Australia. In some countries, it is not even in the top 10. You need to buy Live While We're Young by One Direction. On iTunes. For $2.19. Don't download it illegally, for free. BUY IT OFF ITUNES!! PLEASE!! The boys have worked so hard on this song, on the video. They deserve some recignition. You know it would mean the world to them to see LWWY at number 1, and it would mean the world to Directioners as well. We got their first single (WMYB) from their first album to number 1 all around the world, so we can get the first single from their second album to number 1 all around the world! If you didn't know, the way they determine the number 1 single on iTunes is by how many people have bought it. SO THE MORE TIMES IT IS PURCHASED, THE BETTER!! I check the iTunes charts constantly, and every time I see that LWWY is not number 1, my heart breaks. Please guys. It is only $2.19. You only have to buy it once. Buying it more than once would be amazing, but once is enough. If we can get every Directioner to purchase Live While We're Young, imagine how many records we could set? So please repost this on Quibblo, Facebook, e-mail it to your friends, put it in a Twitlonger on Twitter. Just please, please, PLEASE buy Live While We're Young on iTunes. It doesn't matter what country you live in, just please buy it xx


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