A strange new beginning (drake malfoy love story)

Hi I'm Kiana and I have just been accepted into the wizard school of Hogwarts and can't wait to get started! I really hope I get to meet the two best wizards there Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy!

Chapter 1

Getting settled

walking with dumbledoor. Welcome Kiana we are very excited to have you in our wizarding school we shall see later where the magical hat puts you. To me you look like a Gryffindor but sadly If it were my choice I would put you there but it is the hats choice whatever he sees in your future you shall go. Well thank you dumbledoor that actually means a lot coming from you my parents didn't get how I had powers they thought I was "possessed" or something crazy but I have finally found where I belong. Parents dont usually get why people have powers and I'm suprised you got powers if it's not in th the family I guess your just special. Wait powers have to run in the family for you to have powers because it does didn't you hear I'm cousins with Ron Weasly. Oh yes yes yes hopefully you can do magic better than him. Is he bad? No he just needs practice and with practice becomes wisdome and the more wisdome the more control you shall have. Thank you I was really worried about coming here at first but I'm glad I did! Now you will not find out who you are bunking with until the hat sorting so mess hall in 20 minutes ok? Ok I'll be there! im on my way to the mess hall when I lock eyes with Draco Malfoy. You must be the new girl I was sent to fetch for the mess hall come on you Weasly! Do you have to be so rude about it? Yeah as a matter of fact I do because wizards like him shouldn't be allowed to come here they need to be experienced now come on filthy little moodblud! I can find my way thanks but no thanks for your help! I go into the mess hall and find Ron. KIANA! RON! I huh him tight. I haven't seen you in ages! Since when do you have brown hair! Since I dyed it! You would dye your hair! I met Draco! Horriblest person living! He called me a filthy mudblood! Yeah you will have to get used to it Kiki. KIANA! GEORGE FRED! they hug me. harry and Hermoine walk up. What's all the excitement over here Ron? Oh just my little cousin kiana! draco walks by and talks to all of us. Only potter and you guys would talk to this mudblood! I'm about to start a torture spell when Ron pulls my wand away. No Kiki you'll get caught and termination on the spot! dumbledoor takes me to the stage sits me on the chair and places the hat on my head. I'm feeling...GRYFFINDOR! they all clap I run up to them and hug them and put my robe on.


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