When the Moon Met the Sun

When the Moon Met the Sun

I had to write a folk tale for English. So yeah, here it is. I had a partner but he didn't do much of anything. I let it slide this one time because he REALLY needs the good grade :/ Anyhoo the main character is based off of @ohmoh12 on twitter! :)

Chapter 1

When the Moon Met the Sun

When the Moon Met the Sun

Luna was the most beautiful woman in the world. Everyone in the village where she resided hated her out of jealously. She always smiled as she walked down the dirt road. No one smiled back at her. Angry faces would lock eyes with her, and then act as though she didn’t exist. The grin, despite this, remained pasted on her radiant face, which made her beauty show all the more.

There was one man, a man who seemed to be too old to still have breath in his lungs. His shiny white hair and wrinkled face showed a past of dread and despair. He seemed different than the rest of the villagers. No one seemed to notice him either, but he never seemed to be really there. To Luna, it never occurred to her that she was the only one who could see this man. He was the one person that would smile back at her when she turned her attention towards him. Strangely, he always seemed to appear whenever an extreme change was about to happen in Luna’s life.

He appeared to her minutes before her mother was cursed by the village witch and gained the head of a snake in place of her own. He appeared not hours before her father ended his own life. He appeared when her sister, Menna, was mauled by a massive beast known as a Griffin. Many other times he appeared to her in dreams as well.

One day though, she was making her way to the well to draw water. She hummed to herself a beautiful tune her mother had taught her for when she could not sleep at night. “Excuse me ma’am,” came a voice through the wind, “Would you allow me to draw your water for you?” Luna turned to the mysterious speaker.

“Of course kind sir,” She handed him her water bucket. Their hands touched. Something changed. She instantly recognized him as the one she loved. His black hair was windblown, and beads of sweat grazed his forehead. The young man, whose name was Sol, beamed at her beauty. He truly loved her.

A little while later, after Sol had left the well, the old man appeared again. This time, he approached Luna, “Dearest Luna, you know me, but not for who I am. I am fate. I watch over you and declare what shall happen in your life time. And you, my beauty, can never be with Sol in this world. In this life you can never know him. You must remain apart forever.”

Luna ran from fate and took Sol to the counsel of the gods, “Please, oh great and mighty rulers, allow Sol and I to be together,” she begged at the feet of the gods.

“Fate cannot be dissuaded, however, he can be bargained with. I believe he would agree to these terms. Do you truly love each other?”

“Yes, oh holy one,” Sol responded.

“Then together you shall rule the world along with the gods. You shall be known as the moon and the sun. Luna, you shall guard the night with your radiant beauty. Sol you shall brighten the day. Together you will lighten the day.”

Since that day, Luna and Sol have never left you. They will continue to fight against fate. They’re always there, fighting to allow you to love and not have to do as they did; allowing you to love.


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