Where to go? (An original story)

For quibblo story contest, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Just your average day.

When I first teleported, I was scared out of my mind.

The day started like any other. I reluctantly got up for school. I stared blankly at the board in most all my classes. My sister drove me home on her way to work. Then, instead of starting on my homework, I decided to draw a bit. I sucked at drawing sure, but I liked the feeling of being in control of something in my life.

I sat at my desk pushed against the window. I dozed off for one second, just one second, when a bright flash of light startled me awake. I was suddenly sitting in my third block class room. I was in front of my teachers desk, which conveniently happened to be the same place some kid threw up a few days earlier.

I sat there staring at the clock. It said 4:35. School ends at 3:10. I couldn't come up with a reasonably explanation as to why I was still in school. I went to the door. Locked. I went to the window, they were always unlocked. Locked. I groaned. I groped around in my pocket. My cell phone was next to my sketch pad, on my desk, at home, where I was not.

I knocked on the door loudly, banging it and kicking it. Surely someone had to be here still. But either everyone suddenly decided to go home early on a Monday, or they were ignoring me.

I sighed and sat on a desk. I really did not want to spend the night at school. Besides the fact that I would be all alone, the school was infested with roaches and rats. I closed my eyes for a second, wishing to be out of this stupid classroom. I then felt a weird sensation in my stomach, like I was going down a big hill. There was another bright flash of light, and when I opened my eyes again, I was in the boys bathroom.

I bolted out of there and hurried in the girls room, that was right next door.I splashed water in my face over and over. I looked up into the mirror. The water made my hair frizzy around the edges. My mascara was running. I took a deep breath and sat against a stall. Then I threw up. My head was spinning. What was happening to me.


I had to walk home. I was lucky my mom took on another shift. She would've been pissed if she'd come home and I wasn't there. The next few days went by like normal. I didn't teleport anywhere, but I also didn't sleep. I was afraid that if I did, I would teleport again. By Wednesday my eyes hurt, I was irritable, and I'd missed three homework assignments and failed two test. I couldn't take it!

Wednesday night, I snuck out. I went to an empty field that was only a few blocks from my house. But, since I was running on backup energy, it felt like longer. I sat in the middle of the field. Some might say it looked like I was meditating. I breathed in and out. I closed my eyes and desperately wished to be at home. A familiar sensation washed over me, I was blinded by a bright white light. When my vision cleared I was in the middle of my bed. It worked!


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