The Pony Biographies!

The Pony Biographies!

Pick any pony from My Little Pony,and be them for a roleplay,if you know how to.

Chapter 1

Spitfire`s Biography

Name: Spitfire
Type: Pegasi
Cutie Mark: A yellow lightning bolt.
Love Interest(s): Soarin and Rainbow Dash

Spitfire is a yellow Pegasus with an orange/yellow-orange mane,and orange eyes. She is Captain of the famous Wonderbolts,and is admired by Rainbow Dash. As a filly,her mane was always down,but now,she has it spiked. As a member of the Wonderbolts,she is in frequent need of flight practice and meetings with her team. There are rumours spreading that she is in a scandal with Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The rumour is true,but to everypony,it isn't proven yet.

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