Whodunnit? - A Hogwarts Murder Mystery

First real chapter out soon. Sorry it's been so long since we have posted. We've been so busy with school and hockey. But im back now :~)
So in this story Sherlock and Watson are wizards. I hope you guys enjoy this.
Also in this is where I decribe any characters I made up. I'm done rambling now. :~P Enjoy! ~Bri

Chapter 1

We would love more comments on our storys :~)

When Maycie Tibbett is found dead, smashed in the head with a small lion statue and tourcherd from many curses, Detective Sherlock Holmes and Healer John Watson are on the case. Jamie McLean, a 6th year Gryffindor, has always had a knack for solving mysteries. She is determined to assist them solve the case, with her is Blair Tomson. Together will they find out whodunnit?

Jamie McLean is an out going Gryffindor in 6th year, she is 16 years old.
She has shoulder length wavy red hair with side bangs. She is tall for her age. She has pale skin, freckles and grey eyes. Jamie has always had a passion to become a detective. Jamie admires Sherlock Holmes

Blair Tomson is loud Ravenclaw 6th year, she is also 16 years old.
She has straight light brown hair that is just above her sholders, she also has forehead bangs. She is average hight for her age. She has tan skin, few freckles and sky blue eyes. Blair has always had a passion to become a Healer.

Maycie Tibbett is a "popular" Hufflepuff 3rd year, she is 13 years old.
She has straight steel blonde hair that is just past her sholders with the ends dyed pink. She wears lot's of makeup. She is just above average hight for her age. She has emerald green eyes, sun kissed skin, and few freckles but they are usualy covered with makeup. She is also very snooty.

Professor James McAdams is a Arithmancy teacher. He is in Hufflepuff house. He is 23 years old. James is Tall, skinny and good looking. He has dirty blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and he has a normal skin tone.

Sherlock Holmes is 23 years old. He did not attend Hogwarts school. He is known through out the wizarding world for solving many crimes with John Watson. He is on the front page of The Daily Prophet often. Some people would consider him famous. He has short, messy, dark brown hair. He is tall, thin, and he has penetrating gray eyes. He is strikingly handsome. He diagnoses people as he meets them, before they even open their mouths. He tell's people details of their past life; and he hardly ever makes a mistake. He can adopt almost any disguise. Holmes is above average physical strength.

John Watson is 23 years old. He is a Healer. Watson, like Sherlock, did not attend Hogwarts school. He is not as well known as Sherlock, but he is still fairly well known in the Wizarding world. Watson is brave, resourceful and practical. Watson is strongly built and not as tall as Sherlock. His eyes are blue yet somtimes they look green. He has blondish brownish hair. He is not as handsome as Sherlock but he is better looking than most. He and Sherlock are best friends. He owns a bulldog. He shares rent with Sherlock at 221 Baker street in London.

If I am missing any info that you think is relevant do not hesitate to comment or messege me. If I think of somthing I forgot I will add it. :~D I will get the first chapter out A.S.A.P. Thanks! Bye!


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