It's too early for us to break up....But... Ugh.

Chapter 1

Wilson is sitting right next to me. Right now. He's at my house. & Unfourtnately, we're done. After 13 days. We were getting some chips out of the kitchen, and I said this:

Me: Wilson, we have to talk. Promise me you won't get mad.

Wilson: I promise baby girl. What is it?

Me: Even if it breaks your heart.

Wilson. Even if it breaks my heart.

Me: I'm breaking up with you. I need some space. I didn't have enough time to get myself together after me and Nate. & I just can't date you, and know I still have feelings for him. I hope we can still be best friends though.

Wilson: hugs I love you. Thank you for telling me. And being honest. I'm not mad at all. I'm actually happy you told me, we are best friends. From now on until your ready to date, deal?

Me: Deal. Thanks for understanding.

Wilson: No problem.

And now we are just hanging out. Watching movies. I think my choice was good. To be single for a while. Comment!


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