Don't Stop Believing! (Hogwarts story) With commentary, and rewritten

Each chapter will contain a commentary, for your laughs.
And a intelligent rewritten part, for your brain cells.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

Hi! My name is Geena Stephanie Grace Hayley Teagan Armstrong-Addison-Way, I don't bother reading that crap but everyone just calls me Steph, IDK why Really? You're THAT stupid? .

I hav looooond black hair wif red streaks nd blue tips, tht falls lyke a river dwn mi back, pale skin(so palr i lokd lik a vampiyre Sparkle sparkle !!) and blue eyes n d im skinny nd realy preti 4 a goff coz unlike me most goffs r ugly -cough cough- Stereotyping.-cough cough- . I wear lots of blak eyeliner nd mascara nd white foundaton But you're...Already pale O_O. i lik 2 pant mi nails blac, blod red and durk purple Anyone else feel like this is My Immortal? .

My mum nd dad r havng a fite over hu gets custody of me WAIT WAIT WAIT!People actually FIGHT over YOU?! coz they gt a devorce nd dat mad me in2 a goff nd i have no frends...coz no 1 lykess goffs No. You're just a Mary-sue .

my carraunt bffs are cald luna, fred and george I thought you had no friends? .

Luna died her preti long blonde hare blac wif blue streaks nd is depressed caz her mom dyed, so she cuts her rists a lot.she changed hr nome 2 Raven Seriously.Deja Vu here. My immortal, anyone? .

Fred nd george r depressed caz there sister jenny was murderd nd they now wear goof cloths nd died their ugly az red hair blck They didn;t want anyone to know that they're gingers. SOULLESS CREATURES. SOULLESS! lol .. And dey chamged there names 2 Darknesss and steve. Because Steve is SOOO gothic.

me, darkness, raven nd steve have rist slitng partez alot nd reed depssing books coz dey r posa emos.

Today I was weering a derk puple corst with blac tying fingys and a skoort wif skulz on it, purpl fishnets ann spiky hi healed boots.-cough- My Immortal. -cough-

"Steph!" yelled a coot blond prep named harry potter At least he's not called Vampire. xD
"Hi!"i sayed bac depressedly
"How r u?" he daid bac
"Depressd, u?" i aid bac
"I'm gud, i dnt gt depresd cuz im nt a gofik kid"he said bac smiling
"lolz" said i bck
"Wanna b frinds?"he assed He ASSED?! "Hey, wanna go to the park", I ASSED!
"No u overly cute prep!!1"i screemed like voldamort whn he did.

Nd i ran awy.. And was killed

AN: waz it eny gud? No. plz tell me!!!11 I said no. Alli is doing da nxt capter!!!!1

Hi! My name is Geena Stephanie Grace Hayley Teagan Armstrong-Addison-Way, but everyone just calls me Steph, I don't know why.

I have long black hair, with red streaks and blue tips.I have blue eyes, and I'm really tall and slender.I wear a bit of black eyeliner and mascara.I sometimes paint my nails black and red .

My mother got in a custody battle with my father .I went through depression, and didn't have much friends.My only friends are Luna, George, and Fred.

Luna died her hair black, and blue.She became depressed after the death of her mother. She has a problem with cutting herself. Luna then was called Raven.

Fred and George became depressed after their sister Ginny died. They died their red hair, to black. They changed their names to Darkness and Steve.

Darkness, Raven, Steve and I were hanging out together.

Today I was wearing my Hogwarts uniform, a skirt, dress shirt, tie, and robes.

"Steph!" I looked to see Harry Potter.

"Hey."I said back calmly.

"How are you?" Harry asked,

"A bit down. You?"

"I'm pretty good."

I smiled a bit.

"Wanna hang out sometime?"

"I'm not sure..." I was surprised he even asked. Most people dodged me like I'm a fatal disease.

I suddenly remembered my homework, and ran off to go do it before Harry could reply.


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