Nobody's Perfect

What is a normal teenage life? Not this one! NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY. I repeat, NOT.
My friends Reagan Blackburn and Leah Ward helped me write this. Check 'em out!
Follow the story of three teenage girls, who aren't your average high schoolers.

Chapter 1

Alex's Bio

Hello! I'm Alexandria Isabella Black! I just moved from Lima, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona. I'm seventeen, and will be a senior once school starts again. I go to Lodgeview High. I've seen it before... It's HUUUGE!! Like, it's not even funny.

My parents are Rebecca and Jacob Black. Now, I know what you're thinking- "Oh my gosh is your dad Taylor Lautneerrrr?" No. He isn't. Okay? Although, he is pretty rich... Now, my mom? Not so much. Ever since they got divorced, she has been a drinker. It really sucks. My brother is Rupert Grint, and my sister is Lea Michelle. Rupert changed his last name for... Well.. I'm not sure. He was born with a disability, so he's been in a wheelchair all his life. Lea is SOOO perky though. It's weird.

Now, onto me! I have straight, red hair, with black streaks in it. It makes me look awesome! I have an athletic body, but I'm not a girl that has a big butt or anything. People say I'm nice, caring, and shy. Most people don't know that I am very competitive though. Which is important, since I train at 'The Rock'. It's a place for gymnasts like me! I have a boyfriend as well! His name is Cody, and he is the sweetest guy ever!! I wuv him.

Well, I guess that's it! Bai for now!

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