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Chapter 1

Breaking the Habit

by: aquag
I was trying to pay attention to what the English literature teacher was saying when my head started to hurt. I had been having these headaches almost every day for a week and they were getting worse, so I asked the teacher to let me leave. Once outside the room and into the quiet corridor I leaned on the wall, put a hand on my forehead and closed my eyes waiting for the pain to start fading as it usually did. Only this time it didn't and instead my head started to swim. I decided to walk home and get some sleep, hoping that it would make my head better. I was almost out of the school when I heard the voice of Elizabeth, the most annoying person I had ever met.

"Aren't you supposed to have classes right now? You are going to ruin your future by ditching them." She said, looking at me with disapproval with her ice-cold blue eyes.

"You sound worse than my mother, and it's a medical emergency." I said, stopping to lean on a wall for balance, I didn't want her to see how bad I actually felt.

"Then why aren't you going to the nurse?" she asked me and I could hear in her tone that she thought she got me this time.

"I was there already." I answered immediately, which was surprisingly good reaction time considering my headache.

"You didn't come from her office." She retorted almost as fast as I did.

"I went to the bathroom. Aren't you supposed to have classes as well?"

"Don't remind me, I hate to miss classes but the teacher called in sick and they couldn't find a substitute that fast so I am going to the library."

I shook my head which was a big mistake since it only made the pain worse but I couldn't believe she could be so serious.

"I need your full name to report that you are skipping class." Elizabeth went on "Your first name was Anny, right?"

"It's Lexy, but you have nothing to report and I am leaving." I said and waved with my hand to make her see I was not changing my mind but as I did that I felt a strange resistance in the air and suddenly the glass of the showcase filled with medals the school had won cracked, which made Elizabeth jump. There was no sensible explanation but somehow I knew I did that. I could hear Elizabeth saying something as I left the building, I couldn't care less about what it was. My headache was gone now so on my way home I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't crazy. It didn't make sense that I could crack the glass that was at least two meters away from me with just a wave of my hand and yet that's what it felt like.

I still tried to get more sleep, even though now that my head was fine I didn't need it. I ended up thinking about the accident again so I decided to just forget about it and tried to come up with a logical, normal explanation, maybe the glass was old or the cups and medals too heavy, or maybe it was a mini earthquake. Before I knew it it was time for my karate practice and I was glad there was something to get my mind off of the weird stuff. I looked at myself in the mirror before leaving, I didn't seem any different, my completely average brown hair was still the same brown as my eyes and my imperfect skin was still light. I was still as human as ever, I didn't look like someone who could break glass with a wave of their hand so why did I feel so different? Why couldn't I get the idea that I had done something unnatural out of my head?

What happened during karate didn't help, while we were sparing I blocked every single attack, I have days like this when I seem to do really good, but the unusual thing about it was that I couldn't feel any sign of impact. It was like it wasn't me stopping the hits but there was a barrier shielding me.

I wanted to believe that today was just a weird day and that I had developed an overly active imagination and that the next day everything would be normal, I would go on with my average life, but there was this feeling somewhere in the back of my mind that told me I was just fooling myself and ignoring the truth.

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