Nerds and Cheerleaders

There's a highschool that is well known for it's cheerleading team so they have a cheerleading camp but the principal is told that if she has a camp dedicated to the cheerleaders she has to have a camp for academic studies too. the principal, reluctant to take away funding from the cheer camp decides to combine the two and has eight nerdy boys go to study at the all girl's cheer camp.

Chapter 1

ch 1

They knew the nerds would never have the guts to try anything and they knew the cheerleaders would never stoop so low as to even talk with the nerds. They figured it was perfect, the school couldn’t fund two entirely separate camps so they took the already existing girl’s cheerleading camp and crammed in some nerds. They took the time to have separate cabins for the nerds, who were all guys, and cheerleaders but they weren’t very far apart. There were very few of us nerds compared to the number of cheerleaders, a one to four ratio, with a total of thirty-two cheerleaders and eight of us nerds. The cabins had three bunks in each one, enough to hold six campers in each cabin. With six other guys in one cabin I only had one roommate, Johnny. Things were pretty good between me and Johnny, though we didn’t talk much. He was a nice guy, scrawny, blonde, kept to himself mostly, but when we did talk we got along.

The cabin closest to ours wasn’t actually the other guys, instead it was squad four. Squad four was comprised of Jennifer, Tiffany, Victoria, Vanessa, Amy, and Carla. They were all incredibly pretty and easily so far out of my league I needed to borrow Johnny’s telescope just to see how far out they were. Jennifer was (what I assume is called) the captain of the other five. Her right hand and best friend was Tiffany, they were almost always together. Victoria and Vanessa were twins (yeah), just a couple of identical bubbly brunettes. Amy was a thin blonde girl with blue eyes and pretty quiet, well as far as cheerleaders go anyway. Carla was a dark skinned girl with incredible hips that, when she walked, seemed like they were pushing away the air around them. Like I said, all of them were out of my league.

At least that’s what I thought when everything was starting. The administrators “knew” there would be no interaction between nerds and cheerleaders. They believed that, even while living so close to each other, we’d always remain worlds apart. They never counted on the one occurrence that started it all, and would’ve never expected that it could evolve into what it did, that’s for sure.

Humans have a knack for making unnecessary divisions between people, by race, economic standing, religion, heritage, and what have you. High school is no different; if anything it’s where that deplorable skill is perfected most in one’s lifetime. As in most high schools, cheerleaders were fairly high up on the food chain, but even the elite groups of people make divisions within their own ranks. Amy was considered one of the weaker cheerleaders, not by her squad but by other squads who didn’t take the time to know her as well, even I noticed this in the first few days there at camp. Jennifer, though often seen talking to Amy was still considered a highly respected cheerleader for two main reasons: her skill was undeniably one of the best of anyone there at the camp and her confident “not gonna take your crap” attitude.

One day, when everyone was in the mess hall getting lunch, Amy was just in front of the nerds and only a few places in front of me but she was the only one from her squad in line. Jennifer and Tiffany were in the bathroom and Carla, Vanessa, and Victoria were asked to stay behind and help the counselors with something. I could sense something bad was going to happen, it’s a kind of sense that most nerds have. I expect nobody else really caught on because only Johnny and I had seen them enough to know about Amy. Just as Amy got her food and starting walking with her tray to her table another cheerleader, Erika I believe, tipped over Amy’s tray and all of her food fell on the floor. Some of it got on her shoes and pants and some of her drink spilled on her arm. I could see Amy was very distressed, I told Johnny to watch my tray and I ran over to help Amy. She wanted to cry. I walked her back to the line and I told her she could have my food. I told her that I would take her food to her table but that she should wash up; I walked her over toward to the bathroom with everyone mocking her. As we approached the bathroom Jennifer and Tiffany stepped out, both of their countenances changed and Jennifer grabbed Amy and took her into the bathroom glaring at me, saying “Get away from her, nerd!” I realized that getting help from a nerd probably didn’t help her with her embarrassment situation and with that I placed the tray on her table and walked out of the mess hall.

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