Do you still love me, Hazza? (A Larry Stylinson Fan-Fiction) Read Intro

Do you still love me, Hazza? (A Larry Stylinson Fan-Fiction) Read Intro

Ever since Louis met Harry he's been a better man. Louis jokes around MORE if possible, he's learned to cook because Harry likes to cook, and can now speak Italian due to extensive lessons with Harry.Ever since Harry met Louis, he's begun to start appreciating himself. Sure, he still cut himself. He's been through too much heartbreak not too, but Louis made him feel wanted. They were the best of friends. No one understands their closeness, though no one tries to break it. They complete eachother

Chapter 1



I walk down the hall past Harry's room and hear whimpering. I back track a few steps and peek my head in the door. Harry's naked with nothing but his blanket barely covering his parts. He's thrashing and crying in his sleep, sweat dripping down his face, matting his hair, and sliding down his chest. He looks terrified even in his slumber. I walk in and close the door behind me. "Hazza?" I whisper loudly, walking over to his bed. I put my hand on his arm slick with sweat and he bolts upright, screaming "Don't!!!!!!". He looks around and sees me trying to comfort him. "Hazza, what's wrong?" I ask him. He starts to cry and I don't know why. It kills me. I take his head and put it to my chest whispering to him, not caring what had scared him at the moment, but just about making him feel better. "Its okay, Harry....your okay. Whats wrong, Hazza?". He just shudders against me and despite the seat still running down his perfect face, he was shivering. Wait, what? Why'd I call his face perfect? I shake my head and focu on my crying best friend.


I feel warm and cold at the same, shivering and sweating on Louis. He holds me to his chest, rocking me back and forth. Louis murmers into my ear that I'm okay, that I'm safe, that my nightmare wasn't real, that whatever scared me wasn't ever going to happen. I started to cry harder at his words and I feel him tense up at the sudden emotions. I cry and cry, heartbroken sobs wrenching their way out of me. Louis lays down and pulls me on top of his chest rubbing my bare back. I realize that I'm still naked and that this must be awkward for him, but he doesnt seem to notice or care. "Hazza, whats wrong?" he murmers into my hair and I shudder again. My sobs slow, my eyes drying out, unable to cry anymore, my throat hoarse. I'm nearly silent, the only noises escaping me are my shaky breaths and sniffles. I hear footsteps outside my door and feel Louis' strong arms tighten around my waist. This is why he's mt best friend. His arms are so strong and beautiful and its almost like his chest was made for me to cuddle in and- what am I thinking? Louis would never think about me like that! I shouldnt be thinking about him like that either, we're best friends. "I am straight" I repeat to myself in my head. My dream was about Louis....someone tried to kill still hurt. I'd have to make up some lie later, so I didnt have to tell him. All the boys will give us enough helll for lying together, but if they found out i had a nightmare about losing Louis? Forget it, i'd never here the end of it. My door opens right as Louis kisses my head and silent tears begin to stream down my face again. Tell him I love him and ruin my friendship, or hide how i feel and hurt everyday? I'd rather live with these scars on my arms that Liam is now staring at.

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