Do you still love me, Hazza? (A Larry Stylinson Fan-Fiction) Read Intro

Do you still love me, Hazza? (A Larry Stylinson Fan-Fiction) Read Intro

Ever since Louis met Harry he's been a better man. Louis jokes around MORE if possible, he's learned to cook because Harry likes to cook, and can now speak Italian due to extensive lessons with Harry.Ever since Harry met Louis, he's begun to start appreciating himself. Sure, he still cut himself. He's been through too much heartbreak not too, but Louis made him feel wanted. They were the best of friends. No one understands their closeness, though no one tries to break it. They complete eachother

Chapter 2



"I um....wanted to see if Harry was up. Um....I can see he is, so i'll just go make breakfast." "Breakfast!?" Niall calls from across the house. How did he hear me? I swear that boy needs a helmet. I rush out of Harry's room, closing the door behind me. Harry and Louis laying together? Not unheard of, they do that all the time. One of them being naked? Probably has happened before. What really throws me are the scars on Harry's arm. They too uniform....maybe his cat scratched him? I look over at Harry's cat who's too adorable to do damage to Harry. I sigh, and walk to the bathroom to wash my hands before cooking. I open my drawer and dry my hands on a towel. I've never opened anyone eles drawer never crossed my mind. I open Niall and Zayn's drawers and wasnt suprised to find porn under the towels. I opened Louis' and he had a towel, a razor, and soap...such a simple boy. I open Harry's expectin to see it looking somewhat like Niall's or Zayn's. Instead, it was very neat, no porn in sight. A towel, an extra toothbrush, his hairspray....i lift up the twel and find 4 razors. Harry doesnt even shave. I look closely at them and see that the blades arent in the razors, but in a pile near the back of the drawer. I pick two up and examine them. I feel tears sting the back of my eyes as I notice Harry's razors are covered in blood.


When Louis leaves my room to give me my privacy, I get dressed. I pick out a random shirt from my closet, it doesnt matter. They're all long sleeve. I pick out some gray pinstripe pants that actually go well with the shirt I picked. I walk out of my room and go right to the bathroom. I reach teh door right as it opens and Liam walks out. He looks at me with tears in his eyes and then simply walks away. I do my buisness, think about cutting myself, then decide i'd do it later. A shudder runs up my spine at the thought of the pain and plessure of his blades cutting his skin. I go out into the kitchen and see loads of food on the table, but I don't see Liam. Everyone else is sitting around the table, eating like they havent seen food in months. I slowly ans shakily eat my food as Louis rubs my back, making me even more nervous. Liam stalks angrily into the room and drops 3 small objects right in front of my plate. My blades. I look up at him and try to avoid the stares that are directed at me. "So what? I shave...." I say trailing off. Liam picks one up and says "Well you must have cut oyurself shaving a lot, considering the amount of blood on these!" he spits at me. I ignore him and he walks angrily toward me. He grabs my left wrist and pulls up my sleeve, ignoring my cries of protest. Everyone gawked at my arm except Louis. Louis had taken away his razor blades countless times, but Harry always got more. "Why Harry?" Liam asks simply. I feel tears prickle behind my eyes at the sadness and concern in his voice and eyes. "No one would understand....." I whisper. "What wouldn't we understand?" Zayn asks and I go off on him. "YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!" Niall jumps and I notcie the tear on his cheek. "Why are you guys so sentimental?" I say as harshley as possible, "Who asked you to care? No one. No one asked you to pry me open and read me like a book!" I spit. I stand up "None of you would understand!" I huff walking away, tugging my sleeve back down

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