;'( I'm soo sad ;'( Plz read ;'(

O.K well...

Chapter 1

Tara (My kinda-family person)

Well, a couple years ago, my oldest brother had a really sweet girl-friend. Her name was Tara. She moved into my parents house while they were dating, and in that time she was practically part of the family, and even tho my brother has another girl-friend and a baby with her, we, meaning my younger brother, my mom, my dad, my oldest brother, and I, still consider her part of the family. (Not that we love my soon-to-be sister-in-law any less).
Well, Tara and my brother Paul got in this huge fight. They broke up because Paul stepped on her 'really expensive' laptop and broke it on purpose.
Paul works with Tara's cousin, and today he found out something horrible happened to Tara.
So she was riding a four-wheeler down in Alabama. She got in a wreck. She is currently in the hospital. But the worst thing is, she is about the same age as Paul, who is 26. She is married and a new mother.
The wreck caused Tara to be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of her life. It's because her spine is cut in half. She will never be able to walk again.
My family still loves Jessica, (Paul's fiance now) with all our hearts, but we are devastated. She means a lot to us. I'm sorry if this was a waste of your time. I just thought I would share it on here because I'm not allowed to speak of it near Jessica. I see Jessica a lot, so I can't really talk about it a lot. I'm just so sad. Sorry if this is too long and sorry you have to listen to me ramble on. Witch I'm doing right now.
Thanks for reading.


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