i, the Key, and you

Is this what life is about? Sitting around texting, watching t.v., playing video game? It might be for you but it is not for me. Stick around. Listen to my story. Here the inside of the storys heart. If you dont understand what i just said put this book down. Return it to the library or store. And pick out a new book. One about puppies or kittens. Read along if you wnt. I cant stop you.

Chapter 1

One means Run

by: bats25m
3.2.1. RUN!!! I ran and I ran. 17 miles. STRAIGHT! NO STOPPING! I could never have done this in gym. Once we had to do a fitness test in gym and it took me 35 minutes to run half a mile. You can tell I failed gym.
Jack and Ki were waiting for me to get to our meeting place. I was being chased by this people. Here in town we call them players. They are the rich all mighty big ones that sit around all day.


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