The Last Game

"You've been requested, Thalia. You will meet your opponents tonight. We will tell you the rules of the game, and you will then be dispersed. Once you understand the game, you will be able to win. Until then, you must try to get ahead of the others. Welcome to the end, Thalia Montgomery..."

Chapter 1


by: TheGrouch
It was dark.
The room echoed; it had to big huge.
There was the sound of scuffling and confusion.
We did not know where we were.
Then, the blinding lights came on.

"Good evening, players! Welcome to your induction!" He stood six feet tall and then some, and he weighed approximately three hundred pounds. He was sweating; he was just as nervous as the rest of us. I looked around myself. The room was light and sterile, and it was completely cold but for the warmth our bodies gave off. I shivered in my shoes. So this was how the end felt.

"I hope you enjoyed your week. Have you all prepared for the game? Well, no need to answer; we know who is prepared and who isn't. You are all very fortunate; this is the first game, and this is the last game. Your performance will determine your chances of winning," He wiped his forehead with a dirty handkerchief, "I am Klingon Marvey. No, that is not my real name. I hear your snickers... sigh You all have certain abilities that will influence your ability to win this game; right now, you all have the potential to win. It would be wonderful if you all would win. But in order to do that, you must figure out how exactly to win. I'll leave that part to you. Now, we will quickly introduce everyone. There are eight of you, yes. Here is Klingon Jarvey to introduce you..."

"Please stand forward, Michael Levy." He was short, but he stood tall. He could run faster than any of us. He was arrogant and haughty, and he knew he would win.

"Please stand forward, Dilbert Gray." He was tall and lanky, with a knack for sensing fear, and feeding off of the fear of others. He could hide in plain sight despite his stature, and he knew he would win.

"Please stand forward, Melissa Dunfry." She was pretty and tall, with cat-like features. She could smell blood from a kilometer away, and she was a black-belt. She could live without food for a month, and she knew she would win.

"Please stand forward, Cory Tab." He was stumpy and brainy. He knew which plants were edible and which plants were poisonous. He could make a shelter out of anything, and he knew he would win.

"Please stand forward, Eleanor Hundell." She was elegant and quiet, but she knew how to survive the most out of all of us. She could extract water from a cactus or anything else, and she knew she would win.

"Please stand forward, Joan Jillian." She was blind, but she heard everything. She walked like a lioness, and she knew how to kill her prey. She never needed to be able to see, and she knew she would win.

"Please stand forward, Henry Flaw." He was funny and trustworthy, which caught everyone off guard. He would get close to you and earn your trust. He would pounce and kill you afterwards, and he knew he would win.

"Please stand forward, Thalia Montgomery." I knew each of them before they knew themselves. I knew their weaknesses as soon as they stood forward, and I knew their strengths as soon as they stood back. I could make out what they were each thinking by looking at their body language and facial expressions right away, and I knew we were all damned.

Each of us was described to the others in a fictional way, portraying us as having superpowers, which none of us had. They all thought this was something like the Hunger Games, an old wives' tale. Only I knew what this really was.

This was not hardly a game of power. This was a game of wits. This was a game of finding out how to save the planet. And yet, this wasn't a game.

This was our death.

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