Boys get depressed too

Chapter 1


or perhaps that needs to be reworded
males get depressed too
and i do not write such things because i am moody
i write such things because i knew a boy
who took out the pain of his depression
on the only girl he ever loved
by hitting her repeatedly.
i imagine he only wanted her
to feel the same pain as he did.
i write such things because i know a girl
who's brother killed himself
at the age of ten.
when he told his friend he was depressed
he was informed that
"boys can't have depression"
and to man up.
and yes i have dragged blades across my skin
to show scars on my heart
on my skin
but i happen to know
that both my uncle
and my grandfather
do this too.

i have never once known depression
to care at all about your gender.


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