If I Die Young~ Group Story

Order of Writing:

Chapter 1

Calli Wade

I yawned and sat up, my eyes adjusted to the light filled room. I yawned, I don't know what time it is or.... why I'm on the floor? What? Must have been really tired and just passed out!
I stood up and walked out of the room, I saw Rayn and Isacc, Isacc was trying to get her attention, by taping her, she ran away, " I was just going to ask her a question!" Isacc said.
" Don't take it personal," I said, " She's a lot like you. Uh... why are you in the girls side of the orphanage,"
" You tell me, I don't even remember!"
" Weird. Hey, we should get you out of here before girls start getting out of the showers."
" Is it that early? I feel like I've slept for days!"
" Same here, but yeah, at least, I think."
I moved my black side bangs out of my eye and walked down the stairs while talking to him at the same time.

No one said a word to me at breakfast, or Isacc, well, I guess for Isacc that s normal considering how shy he is. No one really said a word, a few whispers were exchanged and the things I heard were " Calli" and " Isacc"
Finally someone spoke up, by some one, I mean me, " Why isn't anyone talking to Isacc or me? What did we do?"
No one replied, I realized a few had specks of tears in their eyes, they felt guilty obviously, " How can they be gone," my friend Julia said.
" Who? Whose Gone?"
" I don't know Julia, they're just gone, there is nothing that can be done.," said Robert, who finally joined breakfast with the boys and girls of Maria Jackson Orphanage.
" Who is gone? Was someone adopted? What's going on?"
" But still, for Calli and Isacc to take their own lives, on the same day is just weird, they weren't depressed, and if they planned it together then, no! It's just, Calli and Isacc can't be dead!"
Isacc and I exchanged glances. I laughed, " Oh, nice prank guys! Haha, you almost had us believing you actually thought we were dead."

But when the prank turned into days, and they moved out our beds, we realized it wasn't a prank, " Guys, we are right here! We aren't dead! Why would you think that! Guys!" I yelled.
Isacc was quiet. I shut up and joined him in silence, could it be true, I walked up to him, " Isacc, could we really have killed ourselves? Is that really possible?"
"I don't know, it's weird, I mean, I can still feel things, when I touch people, my hand doesn't go through, so, how can we be dead?"
" What if that's all stereotypical, what... What if we really are dead...?"
" What other explaination do we have, Calli?"
" Nothing anymore."
I let this sink in, how could this be? I mean, I thought ghost couldn't leave certain barriers, well, maybe our barrier is this town, because I can leave the house, I even went to the school that the kids of the orphanage are allowed to go to, but, not even the teacher, Mrs. Spot, heard me, or see me. Isacc is right, what other explaination do we have? But, I know we didn't take our lives, it can't be true, it can't be! " We couldn't have committed suicide,"
" I heard that they found a knife in both of our hand, so what else could it be?"
" A staged suicide, a murder, but made it look like a murder,"
" I don't know Calli..."
" I do, we couldn't have, we just couldn't, that's my final answer Isacc, and I heard spirits move to something called the light, so, where is it? We are being tied down, there is something we need to find out "
And that's true, I am sticking with the thought that we were murdered, but, if no one can see or hear us, how can we figure it out? There is no one who can see or hear us, so, no one can help us.
Isacc and I decided we were going to keep going to school with everyone, if it was someone in the orphanage, then it could be a group, and we could get information that we wouldn't be able to get if we were alive.

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