1 hour in Scene Heaven Dirty

Well me being your best friend, i decide to drag you along to this house party after getting a bit bored of dancing and taking drugs (I KID I KID) we decide to play seven minutes in heaven but decide to make it 7minutes to 1 hour since theres at least 4 closets in the damn house.

Chapter 1

The drummer not reallly scene not this chapter but still pretty steamy

I got up to get the hat while our host got himself another drink i shoved it infront of your face "___ pick one, and dont whine or say pass" you sat there looking around "Oh come on already we dont have all day"....."just take a chance" you gave me dirty look "fine whatever" you puled out two drum sticks you saw the that new korean/european kid stand up you couldnt do much but sit there and stare he put his hand out "are you coming or are you just going to sit there __" i pushed you up and locked the door bhind you. you coudnt help but feel nervous in his presence until it hit you "wait how did you know my name" he stoop quiet for a minute "well we have advanced english together" "oh right i forgot sorry i thought you were some kin of" you stopped yourself not wanting to sound rude "um.. a creep, pervert, stalker? just say it" although he said those words he sounded very gentle and chill about it "no its not like that" "its okay atleast you feel sorry" "Huh?" "about correcting me in class before i could finish" your eyes falmost popped out of your head when he said that "huh?..that was you" "yep your not even that good in english" when you turned to look at him he was so close you could feel him breathing "i-i am good" stuttered out of your mouth "no, you're pretty bad" he got closer, as you were about to say something you felt his warm lips touch yours "shh just kiss me" "i dont even know your name" he grabbed you by your chin as he was about to kiss you he whispered "just call me jae" you felt his lips kiss yours again this time harder and more passionate his hand started roaming your body caressing your curves his hand slowly started moving up your shirt" you responded with a kiss you started feeling your body getting hotter and started to take your shirt off seeing you do that he had decided to do so himself grabbed you by your waist tightly you could feel his warmth against yours and his abs against you stomach as he slowly laid you down kissing down your neck to your chest sucking on your nipples you couldnt hold it in any longer and gave a few loud moans you could feel him smilling as he continued to go lower and lower till he got to the top of your jeans "may i" you could barely respond from breathing so heavy "yes" he started to unbutton your pants and zipper you arched your back making it easier for him once he got them of he pulled your panties to the side and started rubbing your clit getting you wetter with each touch he started to eat you out as you moaned in pleasure sticking his tongue in once in a while "please stop teasing me" you moaned "okay i'll try" he whispered he licked you up and down just making you feel good making you moan "oo jae.. Ooo yes" he then procceded to push his tongue in and out of you as fast as he could he stoped to kiss you, as you where kissing you started to unbutton his pants "let me do it it'll be faster" he removed everything as you removed your underwear "are you ready" he looked you in the eyes as he spoke "yes i am are you" "im pretty sure, i've been waiting a while for you" he started to rub the tip of his member against your wet center and clit "you're teasing me again" "okay, okay" he slowely pushed himself in it took you by surprise how big he was but both of you moaned in pleasure "mm you're so tight" he moaned as he humped you, you could feel him throbbing inside you it was like nothing you had ever felt before it felt so unreal, you couldnt get enough and started moaning louder and louder with each stroke he took "ooh yes faster HARDER" you moaned you decided to flip him over and take control you started riding him he grabbed you by your hips and started pushing you down on him harder each time you could feel yourself about to orgasm, you both orgasmed you could feel eachothers boddies shudder in pure excitement you both laid there hugging for a while. "i think we should put our clothes back on" you suggested "yeah we should" as you both walked out people were whistling and clapping you had forgotten about everybody as much as he did it was cute how he was blushing tho that you couldnt help but smile he grabbed your hand and walked with you to this park two blocks away "hey what did you mean by i i've been waiting a while for you" "thats embarrasing" "come on what did you mean" you insisted "i have had a crush on you since i was 13" "wait this is the first time i have seen you except for school" "not me i used to come every summer to visit my dad, and that summer i saw you except i looked dorkey with big ears" "ooh now i remember we used to make fun of you" "really" his voice sounded sad "yeah but even then you were cute at least you grew into your ears" you chuckled "well atleast i have you now... right?" "yep, you do but why did you just move here now" "well because i was tired of depending on my mom so now im going to depend on my dad" "and exactly how does he like that" you asked in a seriouse voice "alot bette than i though". you spent the rest of the night walking and holding hands. after highschool you both decided to move in together even though you went to different colleges luckily they were close enough for both of you to be together. after graduation you both got married and had two beautiful children


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