The Salem House (Original Group Story)

Elina Caverly is sent to an orphanage, The Salem House, after her adoptive mother is arrested for physically abusing her. She makes friends with an odd group of four that seem to be outcasts. As the days go by, she begins to notice weird things happening around the orphanage, and then her life and her friends' lives are changed forever.

Chapter 1


(Sorry, have to do this to give you some background.)

My character ~
Name: Elina Caverly
Age: 14
Appearance: Long mousy-brown hair, blue eyes, average height, skinny, pasty skin.
Background: Was sent to the orphanage after her adoptive mother, Diane, began to physically abuse her. (She was taken away from her adoptive mother and father, who didn't have any biological children.)
Family: Her real mother had her when she was nineteen and gave her up for adoption; she was adopted by David and Diane Hewitt, who, as the years went by, grew to despise their adopted daughter.
Personality: Has a bad temper, but generally quiet. Hesitant to get attached to anyone. Is used to fending for herself and doesn't like to rely on other people.
Interests: She spends a lot of time hating her adoptive family for abusing her, and often holes up somewhere and reads for hours.
Other: She's not the one who dies.

Escaping_Into_Fantasy's character ~
Name: Storm (Not real name, she picked it herself, doesn't have last name, for obvious reasons).
Age: 15
Appearance: Olive-coloured skin, average height, slim, dark brown hair to just above her waist, slightly curly, usually worn up, hazel/green eyes.
Background: Found at the age of 7 in the street, didn't remember anything about her past, was a little sceptic, didn't want to come to the orphanage, because she said 'She had to wait for someone'.
Family: She doesn't know.
Personality: Quite cheerful, a little paranoid, doesn't like it when people mock/talk about her past, blunt, a bit kind, can be mean, but doesn't mean it. Nosey. A little dark, and mysterious.
Interests: Girly-ish things, she's nosey, so, other people? Gossip stuff, likes being alone at odd times, likes mythical stuff, like spells and that sorta thing, enjoys old books, and has a few under her bed that she somehow got.
Other: She's not the one who dies, MIGHT have a hand in the murder.

SeleneDragonStar's character ~
Name: Sylvia Archer
Age: 14
Appearance: Long wavy black hair with the sides pulled back with unkempt bangs, strange silver eyes, tall, pale skin
Background:Was found at the door of the orphanage on a winter day and has been there ever since.
Family: Never knew her family
Personality: Quiet, mysterious, creative, witty, brave when need be
Interests: Fantasy stuff (Like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter), books, likes to doodle a lot, used to do fencing and archery in her freetime
Other: Doesn't die.

Lonliness_the_worst_pain's character ~
Name: Macey (Nickname May) Thomson
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Straight blonde hair with streaks of pink, brown eyes that have a tint of red in them. She's a little on the shorter side but has a strong jaw.
Background: At the age of 10, her parents died in a car crash on their way home from a party. Apparently they were both to drunk to think straight. None of her other family wanted her so she was sent to the orphanage.
Family: She has no siblings but does know of an Uncle who she has never met.
Personality: Is a bit rude and bossy to the others. She is brutally honest and doesn't care if the truth hurts your feelings. Despite this, she can make friends with her cheerful smile and talkative attribute. Has a boy complex, meaning she wants to prove a girl can do anything I guy can.
Interests: She loves animals so it wouldn't be odd to see her sneaking in a frog, rabbit, or something even bigger. She also likes exercising in hopes of being as strong as any boy.
Other: Dies.
If Storm is the one who kills her, I was thinking it's because May mocks and teases her about her past and the someone she was waiting for. To the point where Storm is infuriated enough to hurt her.

GreatestNicknameEver's character ~
Name: Chris Coalson
Age: 14
Appearance: fair olive complexion, dark and usually messy auburn hair with a tuft of hair that always sticks up, olive-green eyes rimmed with grey, lean and very tall.
Background: His mother gave him to the orphanage as soon as he was born. She was a partier and she didn't want to take care of him. So he doesn't know who ether of his parents.
Family: His mom was an Italian-American woman named Vanessa, his father is unknow because he took off as soon he found out because he took off as soon he found out that Vanessa was pregnant.
Personality: Chris is action-oriented and a logical problem solver. Energetic and social, he prefers not to be stuck inside working at a desk, and he enjoys working with his hands, rather than abstract ideas. Chris is often excellent at promoting his ideas and energizing others. Chris usually finds change invigorating, performing well when required to adapt to swiftly-changing environments. Chris can be too blunt at times. He is also very loud, very confident (maybe a bit too confident.) and energetic.
Interests: Chris is pretty much interested in any kind of sport and is very active. Though he does love to read as well.

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