You love [to break] me

You love [to break] me

Short story I hope to finish, it's bleh-ish but I thought you'd enjoy.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: FerSure
I stared at my reflection in the pond for several minutes. To give up all I wanted for others, that was what I always did. My hair was untidy, long, messy and suffering all that damage the sun had done to me these years. My skin suffered it too, it was rough and dark. The reason why I was looking at myself was not because I enjoyed seeing my image, but because I tried to find something, some good aspect of my looks.

I was short, underfed and my clothes were disgusting. They were old, brown and patched in several spots. All these years working in the fields, being the only guy in the house hadn't been of much favour to me.

"Morgan, sit up straight." My aunt said when she caught me. I looked away from my reflection and into her eyes. They were friendly eyes, she pitied me a lot. After my parents ran away, she took me and my sister in.

"What good does it do, I'm still shorter than the other guys." I told her. She smiled at me, exposing the gaps between her teeth: she was missing many of them.

"You're a great guy, I'm sure someone will fall in love with you."

And there they go again.

I found the base of this society disgusting. It was love. Prophecies told our ancestors, as a punishment, were split in two after they betrayed the gods. They say their point in life was to find the other half. It was ours as well. Unacceptable it was, for a young boy or a lady to die without falling in love. It was the whole point to life.

The one thing I sacrificed ages ago, to take care of my sister and my aunt.

I smiled at her, surely she'd die without knowing I never intended to fall in love. "I'm sure they will."

She walked back inside, where my sister lay in bed. A strange evil spirit had invaded her body, it took away the energy in her. All the long, sleepless nights I had to spend in her room were not in vain. At least she seemed to be getting better.

I followed my aunt inside, knowing I had really nothing to do. I had done my work for today and it was only mid-morning, meaning this was one of those rare days I had free. Maybe I would spend it caring for Caitlyn, my sister, or I'd go out for a walk.

"Morgan, go get the doctor, she's gotten worse!" My aunt screamed as soon as I crossed the door leading to Caitlyn's bedroom. I panicked, and ran outside as fast as I could. My mind wasn't clear, I just ran like a demented person looking for the doctor's house. But how could it be, she was getting better...

I waited outside her bedroom, fetching whatever they told me to. I was worried, too worried to even think. Of the only two people in my life I was losing one.

It seemed like he took ages, but the doctor finally came out. I pulled some coins out of my pockets to pay him, hoping the small amount I had was enough for his work. He refused to accept them, and finally told me what was going on: Caitlyn wasn't going to survive this one.

"Is this a joke?" I asked, about to hit him in the face. "She's a strong girl, she's made it many times through different sicknesses. How come you say this will be the last of her? Cait can fight it, surely. What is it? Tell me what's going to heal her, and I'll work for it."

"Morgan, calm down. I know you love your sister very much, but nothing can help her now. You'll just have to enjoy the time she has left and hope you'll meet in another life."

"I cannot! She is too important for me, without her I'd be unable to go on." I fell on the floor, hitting myself hard. Why was I thinking of myself while my sister was there, sleeping peacefully but knowing her days are numbered? I closed my eyes and forced the tears back, guys don't cry.

"Why not find her other half, then?"

"It's impossible, one needs a lifetime to find their other half. She's only been here for thirteen years, and probably another thirteen days."

"Don't be so pessimistic, she'll live around a year if she's well-cared for. Besides, we don't necessarily need to find her other half, just make her believe it."

"That would be completely pointless." I noted, his idea didn't sympathize me much.

"Pointless, like love. It's only but a belief, I'm sure you're smart enough to realize it." I kept quiet, seeing he had figured me out. "I'll make a deal with you: you will marry my youngest daughter if my son pretends to be Cait's other half."

It wasn't like I could get very picky, but the idea of marrying the girl, five years younger than me spooked me. It didn't seem like a good thing, but I realized I had to do it for my sister.

"Deal." I told him, and we shook hands. He smiled at me, but his smile was very unlike my aunt's. It wasn't warm at all, and it seemed forced. His eyes were blue, like hers but they weren't calming: rather they were cold, icy blue eyes.

I entered the room and I saw Cait sitting, knitting something. I kneeled next to her bed, and I let gravity take my head down. Her sorts hands ran through the knots in my hair, untangling it. Back then, she was the one who took care of my hair but ever since she fell sick, she quit.

"Everything will be alright." I told her, but maybe I meant it for myself

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