You love [to break] me

You love [to break] me

Short story I hope to finish, it's bleh-ish but I thought you'd enjoy.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

by: FerSure
The rooms were oddly light and happy today. Our falling house gave the impression of life and happiness, even when just hours ago, the air reeked of death and melancholy. My dark personality seems to have that effect on things. Possibly I made Caitlyn sick with my negativity.

My aunt called my name softly from the room that stood next to Cait's, where I had found myself sitting most of my waking hours. The fields could wait for now, besides, once she's gone, the food I'll have to gather will be much less. I walked out her cozy habitat and stood for a few seconds out my aunt's door until she opened it, herself. I always had a thing for entering places uninvited: it makes me feel uncomfortable.

"You need a haircut." My aunt told me, plain and sharp: lacking the sweetness that she always wore like a second skin to keep her thoughts controlled in place.

"She's a kid. I think she might find my long hair more entertaining." I said, with an eyebrow raised like the suave guy I am.

"She's the daughter of a doctor, don't try to be funny." My aunt reprimanded. That was it, she was serious: exposed and irritable.

I sighed, knowing there was no getting out of this one. It was for Cait, I had to do it. Cait was worth it, she was worth so much more... But to give up my one last piece of my reality? No, I told myself. No, I should think about her. Not me, never me.

"Do it fast." Was the only instruction I gave her.

Between the time that I turned around and the time when long, dry strands of black hair hit the ground it was only a matter of seconds but it felt like an eternity. It would take ages to get used to this. To get used to the air behind my neck, the light weight of my head, the emptiness in my back. For Cait, Morgan.

"Go take a bath, you stink. I'll leave some clothes outside for you when you're done." She told me. I was about to turn around and walk out, abandoning the room where I abandoned my identity but then I heard her call out again "Morgan, I'm proud of you. For doing this... for Caitlyn."

I sighed and spit out the most vacant words I have ever spoken to anyone, just put out there without thought or meaning. "No problem."

As I walked over to the lake, I could not stop thinking about what I was doing. I was meeting a girl- a child, mind you-whom I was supposed to make happy for the rest of her life. I considered running away, or maybe even inhaling some water and clogging my lungs so I'd be long gone, burning in a different hell from the one I was going to live in life. I even tried it.

It didn't work. I was too much of a chicken to get rid of my worthless life. The one that Cait deserved, not me.

I looked up and prayed to the gods I didn't believe in, that this went well for the sake of my sister.

"Cait, wake up" I told her.

"Go away" She mumbled. As much as I love my little sister, her teenage girl side gets out too often for my liking.

"I'm going out to dinner with" I cleared my throat, to make the lie as believable as I could. "/my lover/"

That, in fact, made her jump out of the covers and sit in the bed like a normal, healthy girl. "You?"

"I..."I lied carefully again. "I met her a few days ago. She means everything to me."

"That's not very Morgan-esque of you." She laughed. I shrugged and left her alone. I waited outside her door to see if she would come out to take a bath, but when I heard the sound of her body hitting the bed, I decided she was not going to come out. I was alone tonight.

As I walked the lonely streets of our town- as rotten as Cait's body and my self-esteem combined- the anxiety crawled up my spine like a large snake and impregnated it self onto my skin. "What if it all goes wrong?" I asked out loud, as if there were anyone out past this time. Like if the wind or the rats hiding behind the abundance of crates were to answer me. Or maybe the imaginary so-called "gods" that my aunt so fervently prayed to.

It didn't take as long as I expected to find the doctor's house. It was the largest and the least-dead-looking one in the village. The woods it was built out of were good, strong enough to hold a terrible storm but still not enough to withstand the damages of time: just like the strongest of us. Its paint was just a bit too old, but still a million times better than the one in any of the other houses. It took me a few seconds to get over my shyness and approach the door, to knock on it.

But before I could even place my knuckles on the surface of the door, something grabbed me from behind and pulled me back. My natural instinct was to hit without aiming at any particular place. The snake of anxiety attached to my back made its presence more evident and forced me to kick, slap, kick but of course with no particular orderly sequence.

"Calm down" The figure that just reached up and pulled me down in the darkness told me. Ironic, right?

"Yes, I will calm down when the gods come down here and make me breakfast." I said, as I kept throwing punches and kicks at nothing.

A laugh. Seriously, I was being devoured by my own fears and he laughed. "You're a fun girl."

I stopped. I cleared my throat and spoke in the highest, most authoritative tone of voice "Excuse me? Girl? "

I was suddenly released, and was on my feet in less than a second. My hands were pressing against my clothes, to straighten them. I looked at my feet as I wondered how some people were so mentally ill that they tackled perfect strangers in the middle of the night. Stupid society.

"A-are you sure?" He asked.

"I don't know, I have never seen myself naked." I replied in the most sarcastic tone of voice I could forge.


I finally locked on the door, which was answered a minute later by a small girl. In fact, if I was considered small, she was a germ or a flea. Her hair was tied back and she wore a dress that was worth more than my soul.

"Father, he's here." She smiled. This innocent creature was the one I had to marry in order to make my sister's wish true.

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