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So I am making a group story with 6 people in it. It is at a dance that was required for all students of a school to attend. The dance ends up being possessed by demons and it suddenly becomes a thing of survival. These characters must join together in order to escape the gym which has began to slowly fill with water. They will need the brains and strength of each other to survive. YOU MUST HAVE FILLED OUT A COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE BY OCTOBER 21ST AT 7AM!

Chapter 1


Okay so I will be choosing 3 of each gender character. Please leave the following description of you character in the comments.
Rank at school: (Cheerleader, Jock, nerd, outcast, etc)
Favorite color:
Favorite weapon:
Best Subject in school:
Best Friend:(Must be active on Quibblo and On my friends list)
What they are wearing at the dance:
Date at Dance:
Celebrity look-alike:

This is my Character
Name: Alison
Personality: "I am Better Than All of you"
Clothes: Anything "In"
Rank at school: Cheerleader, most poular girl in school
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite weapon: Bow and arrows
Best Subject in school: English
Best Friend: Naomi (princessmimi)
Appearance: Blonde, thin, perfect, (sterotypical blonde cheerleader)
What they are wearing at the dance: Long red strapless gown with fake jewls all over, silver heels.
Date at Dance: Her boyfriend, Jason
Celebrity look-alike: Sasha Pieterse

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