Imperfect Angel-Jason McCann Love Story-

Imperfect Angel-Jason McCann Love Story-

"That's Jason McCann. He's trouble," Tammy whispered, averting her gaze from the lonely boy in the corner. "He just looks misunderstood," I whispered back, observing him. Jason looked up and held my gaze sending a cocky smile my way before looking back down. "Stay away Emma," she murmured, shovelling pizza into her mouth.

Chapter 1


Emma's POV
"And we are here," my mother smiled, pulling the car into the drive. I grinned and grasped my bag, holding it close to me as I opened the door and walked towards my new house in awe. My mother wasn't rich but she had a generous amount in her bank account. My dad...well lets just say he left us...for another woman. My mum had just been offered a job promotion in LA so we moved all the way from the United Kingdom to here. It was a lovely area we were now in; beautiful houses lined the streets, patches of green grass and colourful flowers dotting the area. A few feet down from our house there was a small play area and a large grassy field. "Go and pick your room sweetie and then rest. You have a big day tomorrow at your new school." I smiled and nodded, wandering over to the boot of our car and picking up my duffel bag. "Oh, and we are having your favourite tonight," she grinned, taking her suitcase out. My eyes lit up and I squealed, "Spaghetti?!" She nodded and I jumped up and down as she walked past and ruffled my hair.

Opening the door, I was met with a beautiful sight. The inside was amazing. There was a small chandelier hanging in the middle of the hall, intricate patterns decorating the wooden walls and an elegant spiral staircase towards the far right hand side. A fluffy mat lay snug on the wooden floor and three wooden doors separated the other rooms. My mother strolled in and leant towards the left. "So, the kitchen is through there," she turned to her right and said, "The front room is over there and I think that is the study." I nodded and then pointed upstairs with my index finger. "Can I choose my room now?" My mother, whose name is Carrie by the way, nodded and placed her suitcase by the front door. "I'll set the dinner up. It'll be done in 20 minutes, Ok sweetie?" I smiled and gave her the thumbs up before skipping up the spiral stairs.

I ended up in the hallway and breathed in. A weak scent of lavender floated around me and I sigh in content, the smell relaxing me. "This place is amazing," I murmured, walking down the small hallway and dipping my head into the different rooms. The very last one, with the balcony overlooking the pool, caught my eye. It was just the right size. A nice, inviting double bed was in the centre with a small dressing table near the door and a cosy wardrobe in the corner. I beamed and placed my bag on the bed, unzipping it and laying my clothes out. I hummed a soft song as I placed my clothes into the wardrobe and my accessories onto the small dressing table. I didn't really have much because I wasn't one for "splashing the cash" on things. 5 minutes had gone by and I was done, tossing my bag under the bed. I lay down on my back and observed the room, picturing the many ways in which I could decorate the room. "Dinner sweetie!" My mother said, knocking on my door. I jumped up and smiled. Dinner smelt amazing and the mere smell made my mouth water. I bounded down the stairs and took a seat in the dining room, admiring the features. It was sparkling new and had a nice view of the LA sunset, one that was very different from the UK one. "So, do you like the house?" Carrie asked, swirling the pasta around her fork. "I love it! It's beautiful," I smiled, placing a small portion of sauce into my mouth. "I'm just nervous about school tomorrow. I'm socially awkward!" My mother chuckled at me as I pouted, butterflies swirling in my stomach at the thought of a new school and facing everyone there. "You'll make friend Em, don't worry." I smiled softly and picked up my empty plate, placing it in the sink. "I'm going to bed mum." "Ok sweet-pea." I went over and placed a sweet kiss on her cheek. "Love you mum." She smiled and replied, "Love you too."

Snuggling into the bed and deciding that I couldn't sleep, I switched the TV on, the channel automatically being the news. Before I had time to switch over, the news story caught my attention. "And 17 year old Jason McCann has once again struck, this time robbing the old bank in Newton Street. The great sum of $40,000 has disappeared and the boy left without a trace. Police are on the look for him but with little evidence it seems that McCann will be let off." I furrowed my eyebrows. Newton Street...that seemed familiar. I shut the TV off and thought for a few minutes, wondering where I had heard it before. Then it hit me. Newton Street. That was 2 blocks away from me, we passed it on the way here but there was no police cars there. That means he's done it within the last hour and is in the neighbourhood right about now. I gulped and sprang out of bed, pulling the curtains shut before getting back into bed, pulling the covers up to my chin. A criminal, who is possibly dangerous, is near our house. The faint sound of police sirens floated into my room and I held my breath, waiting until they had died down before relaxing. I looked over to the time. Midnight. I closed my eyes and settled down, the daunting thought of a new school looming in my mind.

A/N- Just a filler but Jason will be introduced in the next chapter. Should I continue?


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