erinn knows shes different but she doesn't know why. Even though much of her past is forgotten she might just be able to remember and figure out who she is.

Chapter 2


Dreams are rare very rare. I'm 14 and this started last year. The dreams, the nightmares, the secrets. I know im different, i can tell by the strange looks people give me. Even strangers it like they all know something i don't. Its like they are all afraid of me. I dont know how im so different, or why they are so afraid. I want to know but i cant i dont understand. How am i different? why me? what are people not telling me? who is that guy that's always in my dreams? I am so confused why is no one helping me? This is what i think about every morning before school. I got up and started to get ready for school. I went to eat breakfast. I saw the note, of course my parents are never here in the morning im sure they are like everyone else, afraid. They are my parents parents shouldn't be afraid of their children but they are. On the bus i sat alone of course. Why do people hate me? One thing changed , someone sat at my table he didn't talk to me but at least he sat by me. in my other classes i was alone again. once I got home my parents still weren't home, so I decided to go to the park. I got a snack then started to walk to the park. it takes 30 minutes for me to walk to the park. once there I found a tree that I climbed up and I was completely hidden. I always came here because being hidden made me feel safer. Some how it made me feel normal I don't know how though. Though I knew I was hidden I felt like I was being watched. the feeling had continued the whole way home. once home my parents still weren't there so I just went to bed. Another nightmare had come.

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